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2010: The Year We Made Contact

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How do you follow up on an all time classic? To follow one of the great films of our time, 2001, the creators of 2010 had they job laid out ahead of them. They succeeded! This sequel explains a lot of what was not answered in the first movie. A team of American and Russian scientists travel to Jupiter to save the damaged Odyssey and 'rescue' the homicidal computer HAL 9000. The cast is top notch and is lead by Roy Scheider and John Lithgow. Douglas Rain returns as the voice of HAL. The special effects are good even for a movie made in 1984. The DVD is also well done. The soundtrack was redone to Dolby 5.1 and the transfer is almost flawless. There are some minor optical ticks showing they produced the DVD from a film copy but they are minimal. The full 1:235 scope shows off this movie to it's fullest advantage. One little guest appearance was lost in the pan and scan becomes viewable in the letterbox version. Arthur C. Clarke, the author of the book can be seen feeding the birds in a park as two actors speak on the other side of the screen. The letterbox format also shows the complete view of the magnificent views above Jupiter and the full scale of the monolith. This is definitely one to get and enjoy.


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