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DVD Database Director and Actors Table Downloads

By popular and a LOT of hard work by Michael we are now able to provide add on tables of directors and actors for many of the DVDs listed in our database.  Just a few notes:

bulletData in these tables are a "work in progress".
bulletNot all entries have cast information.
bulletActors are limited to 6-10 names per entry.
bulletDirectors are limited to 1 name per entry.
bulletMost multiple title releases are only linked by the 1st title listed.
bulletSome names will be in the database at least twice (examples are Asian names with reversed first/last names)
Download Directors Tables Download Actors Tables

Last Update: 01/01/14 01:36:54 AM  

Both sets of these tables can be linked through SQL, Access or just about any other database program that you use to work with the DVD database. Below are some basic links that will give you an idea how to link these new fields to the DVD database and pull reports. All files are comma separated ASCII text files with double quotes for text delimiters. The first row contains the field names.

Linking Actors Tables:

SELECT DVDTitles.DVD_Title, DVDTitles.Studio, DVDTitles.Status, Actors_Names.Actor
FROM (DVDTitles INNER JOIN Actors_Index ON DVDTitles.ID = Actors_Index.DVDList_id) INNER JOIN Actors_Names ON Actors_Index.Actor_id = Actors_Names.Actor_id;

Linking Directors Tables:

SELECT DVDTitles.DVD_Title, DVDTitles.Studio, DVDTitles.Status, Directors_Names.Director
FROM (DVDTitles INNER JOIN Directors_Index ON DVDTitles.ID = Directors_Index.DVDList_id) INNER JOIN Directors_Names ON Directors_Index.Director_id = Directors_Names.Director_id;

This database is copyrighted and is provided for non-commercial use only. Please contact us for licensing fees and considerations for commercial use and requirements for non-commercial use.

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