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Big Bang Theory: Season 7



One of the most transient formats on television is undoubtedly situation comedy, sitcom. It really blessed few can survive year after year becoming staples on the programming lineup, but most of relegated to the cancellation bin after only a season or two. Some of them all lamentable ones they find an early demise after only a handful of episodes. It a notable number of cases, a TV series that is considered brilliant are, through the shortsightedness of a network executive, cancels a series much the dismay of a quickly formed loyal fan base. Then there are times when a sitcom, arrives at the right place and time gathering together cast and crew of brilliant people that sparks the imagination of the fans. A prime example of this is the series considered here, ‘The Big Bang Theory’. It is already lasted seven seasons without a hint from the client and it has received approval for at least another two. Considering it’s what’s called a high concept show, one with the simplistic premise. In Pasadena, California a pair of geeky, geniuses, both advanced physicists, have their world shaken when a beautiful young woman moves across the hallway. It seems straightforward enough, and perhaps on the surface of premise that would quickly get old as is only so long for it to be possible to make jokes out of couple of young men were inexperienced with the opposite sex place in such close proximity to a young woman who is both beautiful and funny. Admittedly, if this was just the case, I doubt the show with lasted a full season as the human would have been quickly tapped from the situation.

Fortunately for all of us fans the team Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady have an incredible track record of doing just that. When you look at all the high concept shows that have nurtured into exceptional runs; ‘Roseanne’, ‘Two and a Half Men’ and ‘Dharma & Greg’, have found the secret to avoid being trapped by simplistic premise. As seen in this show, their talent for this achievement lies in how they can use that premise for a strong foundation upon which they can build character related stories. By building the characters in expanding out from a core ensemble cast is not only created a hit with the Big Bang Theory, but it’s become wildly popular. The meet and greet tables at most science-fiction conventions are swamped with a cast member is signing autographs.

Although season ending cliffhangers are generally considered the purview of dramas, this series has been able to leverage them in a fashion that few sitcoms have ever enjoyed. At the end of the previous season, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) had an opportunity to be part of a project. He could not refuse. Of course, it meant being out in the North Sea for protracted period of time. After many years than its relationship with the aforementioned beautiful woman, Penny (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), has finally gotten serious and has begun to stabilize. That is, as much as any relationship with a sitcom can be considered stable. Season seven begins, then it returns from the high seas, complete with scruffy beard. While he was array the most timid member of the group Raj (Kunal Nayyar) has tried to start a relationship with the equally eccentric young woman, Lucy (Kate Micucci), which is already ended in a breakup. One of the rays that the writers show expertise in crafting series such as this is let it does not make his appearance of the second episode of the season. This gives the audience a glimpse at how the dynamic in the group has changed with his absence. Penny has always had fond feelings for all the other guys in the group, in the fashion of a protective big sister. With Raj feeling down and her missing leaded the two begin to hang out together. Of course, when that day arrives that he does come back extremely anxious to see Penny although Sheldon (Jim Parsons) cannot imagine why he would not want to spend all his time, his best friend and roommate. All of these roles are expertly captured by the actors that portrayed. In each case, the cast member is able to bring out the unique quality. In essence of their character that keeps the proceedings fresh and interesting as well as highly comical. In the case of how Mr. Parsons has handled Sheldon the audience has gotten to know him over the years. He is always the most intelligent man in a room and also the most socially inept. Over time he has become closer to Penny as a friend and she has made it a point to him under her wing and helping him to become more social in nature. The culmination of this is a relationship between Sheldon and a young woman with a doctorate in biology, Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik). It bears noting that this actress actually has earned PhD she has in the series. She is anxious for the relationship to become physical but Sheldon usually seems denser than a neutron star.

The major reason why the season continues to work, is how effortlessly the characters prone to change. While keeping many of their major core characteristics, over time, external influences and changes in the interpersonal dynamics has modified them in a very natural fashion. Howard (Simon Helberg), who always pictured himself a ladies man, something completely confined to his own imagination, was actually a mama’s boy living with his unseen, loud and overbearing mother. Might be the only one in the group not to have a doctorate, but he did marry a PhD, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). The character has developed from a coworker of pennies at the Cheesecake Factory to running her own research lab. In this season, Bernadette insists on Howard, putting more distance between them, and his mother. This is just one of many examples something that is so true to life is placed into this unusual and wonderful context in order to elicit a very real kind of humor.

Continuity is one of the key aspects of the show’s success. They consistently make references to events that happened in previous episodes and have built up a world of ancillary characters that wax and wane in the spotlight. Example of this Is Stuart (Kevin Sussman), who owns the comic book store with the care guys, can always be found. Initially the store was just the place to reinforce how geeky they are with their love of comic books and science-fiction memorabilia. Naturally, they needed a proprietor for the store, Stewart, who moved up to friendship level when Raj felt left out is the only member of the group without feminine attachments. The series has always been known for exceptional guest stars that has included a number of actual Nobel Prize laureates. The show has such a real following in not only the science-fiction community, but also in researches who actually deal with the topics. The characters are involved with. This is also stoked over to performers that are well known to baby boomers. The perfect example of this is a pair of appearances by a true comic genius, Bob Newhart. He plays the down on his luck scientist whose career was derailed by hosting a children’s show, sort of like Mr. Wizard. In a truly touching moment Sheldon convinces him that his character, Professor Proton, which critical to ignite his love for science and that any advancements he might make are in large part due to him.

This second season sets up the series will certainly be a major revitalization. Jobs are quit and feelings of research reconsidered. A road trip is taken to Texas to meet Sheldon’s family and how it gets to meet is intensely manly father-in-law. With episodes based on very relatable topics such as these conversations of advance physics seems perfectly in place. They never forget their core audience of people that you plan your vacation schedule around the Comic Con events. This is a series for people who go to cons by people who go to cons and about people who go to cons. As it prepares to enter into its eighth year and beyond, this simple premise has still not run dry.

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Posted 10/02/2014

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