Chicago Fire: Season 3
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Chicago Fire: Season 3

Arguably the most popular genre and told his the police procedure drama. As long as they have been television sets people have tuned in to watch the dedicated members of law enforcement apprehend criminals bringing them to justice. Since 1990 more successful show runner for this category of TV series has been Dick Wolf. His show ‘Law & Order’ ran for an amazing 20 years. Part of the lives of this man is his ability to create an entire universe to encompass its characters. One of its many spinoffs, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ is catching up entering its 17th season this year Mr. Wolf has been launched that New York centric universe to include the rest of the country with a short-lived series taking place in Los Angeles now by connecting it with his latest projects in Chicago. Television programming executives frequently forget the daily risks taken by a fire department serving the city. Wolf rectified that with ‘Chicago Fire’ now about to enter its fourth season course that means that complete season three series has been released on DVD. Dick Wolf’s trademarks are that he places more emphasis on the story than individual characters. While many characters are prominent in various storylines a Dick Wolf production has a propensity for changing cast members, especially among the principal cast. This has proven to be beneficial for several reasons. It helps to keep the series robust heightening the drama by removing her favorite character or capturing the potential in introducing a new one. This is also closer to reality for such organizations as police and fire department. People get promoted, transfer or, regrettably is the nature of such a job.

At the end of season two Leslie Shay (Lauren German) was a paramedic in Ambulance 61 located in firehouse 51 is critically injured in an explosion. The cliffhanger was soon resolved with a debt premiere episode of season three. She was best friends and roommates with Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) who commands rescue squad 3 the same house. Everyone in the house felt shocked and saddened to death of this young woman but Severide was particularly devastated. A loss was also deeply felt by Shay’s partner, paramedic Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund). Season to she began a serious relationship with the other Lieutenant in the house, Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) in charge of truck company 81. Within the hierarchy of the fire department the rescue squad viewed as the elite but all practical sense both wrists still lives on a near constant basis. This season Gabby begins to feel uneasy writing the ambulance without Shay. She decides to make a drastic move becoming a candidate the fire department. She makes this decision right after Casey proposes marriage to her. As claim to them by the Battalion Chief, Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) according to regulations it is prohibited for two firefighters in the same house to have a relationship. Rather than breaking up to decide to keep the continuing engagement secret.

Unlike the ‘Law & Order’ franchise this series includes storylines that extend outside the workplace and are deeply involved with the personal lives of the characters. In such a duration is always wise to have someplace of the characters can meet after work. This is dissolved in a very realistic fashion by having several of the members of house 51 by a bar together, ‘Molly’s’. Occasionally it is also preprinted by members of its spinoff, Chicago PD. One of Its Owners Is Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) was always looking for a quick way to make extra money. The ball was the one idea he had actually caught on successfully. It’s not greed that drives him for next source of revenue back home he has a growing brood of children. On the advice of chief Boden, Herrmann takes and passes the examination to Lieutenant. Eventually the season takes the mentoring a new paramedic in charge, Jessica Chilton (Dora Madison). She was brought in to replace Gabby she looked for firefighter training.

Sometimes the healthy competition between houses gets out of hand. This happens in an episode where two trucks on the rate of the same fire the other truck attempts to cut off the truck from 81 they crash into each other. The investigation eventually prove 81 was not to blame but the rivalry between the two companies remains escalated. Through an admittedly contrived plot device Severide winds up training Dawson’s class at the school. Dawson does have some difficulties in passing the arduous requirements of training she does notice that another female candidate is cutting corners. She tries approach Severide with her concerns but the young woman is protected by her father, one of the most senior offices in the fire department. Eventually the young woman becomes what of house 51 with disastrous results inclusion of the training facility loaded the situations available for the episodes. The squad allowed for dramatic rescues while the truck company allowed for scenes of intrepid firemen battling back massive walls of flame.

During one fire box is discovered containing a sizable quantity of child pornography. This person the detectives of the intelligence division populate the spinoff "Chicago PD. When the suspect eludes captivity and flees to New York City the dedicated men and women of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ are contacted to help out. One thing that is often overlooked in season sets containing a number of crossovers is the only include the episodes from the main series. NBC has always been very good with avoiding this realistic complaint by the audience. The associated episodes are included in this set so you can follow the complete story. Several episodes this season bring the firefighters into the local hospital, realistic and rather commonplace occurrence for firefighters anywhere. As it turns out this is just a set up for second spinoff due out this fall, ‘Chicago Med’. This trifecta fire police in medicine had been tried several decades ago by Jack Webb star and show runner for Dragnet. The previous course of this in the Dick Wolf universe had characters moving from one show to another and the occasional crossover. Most notable about the Chicago franchise is that the crossovers occur with much greater frequency. So far each show has been able to retain its own individual characteristics. I hope the inclusion of a third series reinforces not detract from this balance

This season does have a few storylines that not per se directly about the job. Elements of a mystery dominate one story arc when it is discovered that the fire that killed Shay was far from a natural blaze. The hunt is on for the person responsible for the beloved comrade’s death. Another storyline that focuses on a side job Casey is trying to earn a little extra money by taking on small construction projects. One just happens to be in the strip club which is not well Gabby. As it turns out the club is a front for organized crime used to launder money. Casey has to go undercover in order to get the quiet evidence so the police didn’t close them down. This is a bit far-fetched as to it is quite dubious that any police force would use lighting fire Lieutenant on such a dangerous assignment.

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Posted 09/01/2015

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