DC Universe: Justice League Gods and Monsters
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Justice League Gods and Monsters

During the Silver age of comic books that many of us enjoyed as kids in the 60s there was a certain category story that was known to course in conflict among the diehard fans; the imaginary story. Sometimes known as a dream story they permitted the writer to present the audience with variations on the characters and situations that are outside the regular canon that was usually maintained. For example you could have Superman married to Lois Lane or explore but would happen if Batman’s secret identity is generally known. These flights of fancy provided a means to play ‘what if’ with iconic comic book characters. DC Comics eventually devised the plot device to turn many of these scenarios into legitimate parts of a much grander scheme. They allowed for an infinite number of alternate universes so that what happened ‘earth prime’, the main universe, could coexist with any number of other universes constructed along significantly different foundations. One of these is the ‘Gods and Monsters’ series of graphic novels turn the normal DC universe into a dark mirror image of itself. Each member of the Justice League of America has been reset the hundred and 180° away from its normal moral orientation. For example, imagine how the world would be different if instead of having yet been Kal-el rescued from krypton destruction by being sent to earth and raised by the kindly Jonathan and Walter Kent, in this universe Superman’s biological father was General’s Zod. Rather than landing in Kansas the spaceship brings the child to Mexico where it is found by a migrant worker and his wife. Replacing Bruce Wayne as the heroic Batman, in this universe a scientist searching for a cure for cancer ones up infecting himself in a former vampirism. Will be under consideration here is an outgrowth for me series of graphic novels. This Batman is a vampire who satiates his hunger by draining the criminal element of Gotham City. In this standalone movie we are committed to allow imaginations soar into a much darker place than usual for DC comics.

In this universe the Justice league was mandate is to maintain order throughout the Earth. To accomplish this I interested in recording and tactics. Their retribution what they consider an offense against order is harsh, painful and frequently lethal. This strongest member is Superman’s secret identity here is that of Hernan Guerra (voiced by Benjamin Bratt) and is the biological son of krypton’s most notorious criminal General Zod (voiced by Bruce Thomas). Landing in Mexico he was raised on earth by migrant farmworkers. He matured into a short tempered man who preferred to isolate himself from humanity. Batman scientist, Kirk Langstrom (voiced by Michael C. Hall, is a scientist whose research into a cure for the cancer of flipping him turned himself into a type of vampire. He crunches his thirst by draining blood from the criminal element of Gotham. Bekka (voiced by Tamara Taylor), is the wife of Orion, one of the exceptionally powerful New Gods. Most of she is known as Wonder Woman. She was forced to home world, exiled to earth. She took with her a sword linked to a ‘Mother Box’, the source of power that infuses the one who wields it with extreme abilities. From a visual standpoint that uniforms reflect the darkness of the nature in this universe.

The point of the story concerns a group of murders targeting very prominent scientists. All evidence points directly at members of the Justice League as the perpetrators. This forces the governments of the world to challenge the lack of accountability the league has always retained. Among the victims were Victor Fries (voiced by Jim Meskimen, an expert in cryogenics them drained of blood in his Arctic laboratory. Ray Palmer' (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), found that with his first call bearing the imprint of a woman’s body. Lastly this Victor Stone (voiced by Taylor Parks), who along with his son was found burnt for crisp by heat vision. Each of these murders inexorably pointed to one of the members of the League as the perpetrator. President Amanda Walker (voiced by Penny Johnson Jerald) request that the League provide their full cooperation with the official investigations. Each member in turn turns to a trusted source of information; Wonder Woman to Steve Trevor (voiced by Tahmoh Penikett), Superman to Lois Lane (voiced by Paget Brewster) while Batman investigates himself and discovers that it was suspicious email on Silas' computer. The distribution list included a number of prominent scientists around the world. Among them was Will Magnus (C. Thomas Howell), his weight back in college. The scientists were involved in entitled ‘Project Fairplay’. All the scientists listed working for Lex Luther (voiced by Jason Isaacs).

Batman contest remaining scientist on the distribution list and tries to impress upon them the gravity of the situation. Each of the murders involves a Boom Tube, a hyper spatial connection between two points that permits undetectable travel. Despite knowing this much of the plan all but one of the other scientists are murdered a similar fashion. The true nature of the operation is finally disclosed as a concerted effort to neutralize the League. There’s an appearance of the team of superheroes that was why my favorites makes an appearance here, ‘the Metal Men’. These are sentient robots each created out of a specific metallic element that included Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin and as the only female, Platinum. There’s sufficient action to keep you pleasantly engaged in the story. They’re also strong threads of intrigue as individuals are intent on revealing some of the covert past of the League. For example documents are uncovered that detailed the truth about Superman’s father, General Zod. There is a very exciting the stage battle between the Metal Men and the League that managed to recapture some of the exciting classes I remember from many years ago. Project Fairplay turned out to be a secret weapons program to develop a means of eradicating the League as their control over the role continues to retain such unbending control.

The animation was excellent and on par with what DC has established as a benchmark to years of these video releases. You might also notice many exceptionally recognizable names of talented people. In recent years such voiceover work has become exceptionally popular among many of the A-List actors currently active. This might seem like a type of performance that could literally be phoned in with little effort on the part of the performance. It is obvious by the consistent level of these performances that this is certainly not the case. Each voice is imbued with a distinct personality that becomes immediately recognizable. DC Comics may not have been able to achieve the cinematic success that their long-term rivals, Marvel has achieved with their multiphase cinematic universe. Still they have made incredible impacts on television and directed video releases such as this.

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Posted 07/27/2015

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