Deep Impact
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Deep Impact

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Many compare Deep Impact with Armageddon. They are both about an object from space hitting the earth, threatening to end all life. It is there the comparison ends. Deep Impact is more a drama than a Sci-Fi excuse to show off digital effects. The characters are ones you can relate to, people that you wind up caring about. The young astronomer (Elijah Wood) that discovers the comet is the typical 14 year old boy in the astronomy club, awkward, especially around the pretty girl in the club he likes. This boy grows up fast and learns to accept responsibility far better than many adults around him. The young researcher (Tea Leoni)for MSNBC that feels her boss is holding her back and all she wants to do is be a TV anchor and deal with remarriage of her father and the alcoholism of her mother. The older astronaut played by Robert Duval, that is laughed at by his younger crew members as a relic from the past. The same feeling I get when I tell my 14 year old daughter about the Mercury space shots. In all, excellent performances by the humans of the story. The special effects are there to assist, not take center stage.

The DVD itself is great. Not much for added features but with a story like this you will be glued to the screen watching it not scanning the disc for add ons. The sound is realistic. Each pen dropped on the desk, each footstep is realistic. The surround sound Dolby 5.1 is a true test of your equipment. The video transfer is crisp and clean. There is only the 1:235 letterbox on the disc but that is all you need. I saw this in pan and scan from tape and you miss al the reaction shots as the cast interacts. Get this one, it's a keeper


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