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Die Hard

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This is the third time I have purchased this movie. The first time was a normal stereo pan and scan release. Then I got the THX letterbox edition. Now, finally I have it the way it was intended for the movies, DVD. This now classic action/adventure flick is worth having. The story centers around a New York City cop played by Bruce Willis. He is estranged from his wife that took a power job in L.A. It is Christmas and his is flying out for a visit after a six month separation. Once in the office building where she works he is caught up in a plot to steal billions from their vault. What ensues is a roller coaster ride of thrills. Explosions, gun fights and action galore. Unlike the films that followed in this series the first one goes into far more depth concerning the characters. The marital difficulties, the pressure of the job and family responsibility. Still, plot cannot be said to bog down this movie.

The DVD is well presented but has some lacking qualities. While the video transfer is excellent there is a lot left to be desired in the sound. Obviously remixed from a mono soundtrack the full power of Dolby 5.1 is not utilized. There is fair separation between the two front speakers and the center speaker handles the dialog fairly well but the rear speakers present only reverb and the sub woofer only hums during the explosions. The movie is credited with THX certification. No real extras are present. Still, because of the fast pace of this movie it is worth it for action fans.

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