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Edge Of Tomorrow

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If you find yourself engaged in a conversation with fellow cinephiles, there is one topic that is certain to any discussion into a one; Tom Cruise. As plainly evident by publish financial records, his multimillion dollar salaries and compensation packages for one of the best investments the movie studio can make. Each dollar painter cruise is certain to have a return that is astronomical. The controversy comes from his rather outspoken stance on his religious beliefs and association with the controversial Scientology movement. One thing that must be kept in mind as you consider any of his professional work is that of major part of what is considered to be the American way is the associate a person’s ability to do his job from his personal beliefs. I may strongly disagree with Mr. Cruz’s stance on the treatment of psychological disorders, but I have to say, without an eye Yoder of reservation, they make some incredible films that always deliver the promised action. He also has a strong inclination to take on projects in one of my favorite genres, science-fiction, particularly those stories that examine us as a species or society. For example, you need go no further than his latest blockbuster success, ‘Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat’. Consistent with Mr. Cruise’s forays into sci-fi, this film takes on one of the quirkier premises found in this exceptionally innovative and perceptive genre; the time loop.

As kids been something didn’t work out right. Such a striking out in stick ball, you can always call for a do-over, in essence, going back in time, bypassing the mistake and having another chance to rewrite history. As kids playing a game in the neighborhood, became absolutely no thought to the consideration of the quantum physics implications of such an action. All we knew was again was another chance to win. ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ begins with this simple premise, and then expanded upon it, creating an intriguing, fast-paced movie that has a plausible internal continuity. Admittedly, there are a few aspects of this story that might be construed as overly familiar and heavily use of the similar projects. While this is undeniably true, it is not so much the ingredients used in a fine meal, but how the creativity of the chef utilizes them. Initiating the story is one element that has been a staple in the genre for generations, and in some ways, ingrained in our mythology was longer we’ve been telling stories to each other. Several years before the start of this movie alien race descended upon the earth with an intense to write about the pesky life forms in order to consume our resources. Ignoring for a moment that there were plenty of easy arrays to obtain anything the earth has to offer as far as mineral wealth, this is a good point. Switch your mind. The analytical mode of an adult to a 10-year-old ability to push everything else aside and just enjoy the show.

The aliens, the Mimics, have all but completely taken over the European continent. The governments of the world united by a common threat, of course, the military forces together to present a united front against the extraterrestrial enemies. In charge of the United Defense Force, was General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson), was placed much of the resources available into a new weapon with the potential to turn the tide of the war. Scientists of the world have developed the exoskeleton that greatly enhances respect strength and speed of its human operator. For scale that sci-fi fans can understand it’s smaller than similar apparatus found in ‘Pacific Rim’ and considerably ramped up from the loading dock suits used in ‘Aliens’. To the credit of the script writers and special effects team, this technology is well within our reach. As with any massive war effort, it’s crucial to keep the civilian morale high and supportive of the military initiatives. Public relations department may have been most closely associated with Madison Avenue advertisers selling the public everything from a new car to a candy bar, but as long been used in most political campaigns. Swaying public opinion is crucial in today’s world any significant endeavor is going to have a public relations department. For the military effort here, winning the hearts and minds of the people is logged the charge to, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), an advertising executive until the war broke out and he was conscripted into the Army. In some ways this character reminded me of the boisterous, glad-handing character that Cruise played in the dark comedy, ‘Tropic Thunder’. A significant amount of the appeal, this actor can generate is directly due to his innate sense of being a natural entertainer that is well-versed in blending drama and action the perfect degree of comedy. This formation the character is portrayed. Initial feeling the audience receives the looking at Cage is that he’s an unlikable source was always gotten by in life when talking his way out of any potentially difficult situation. It was about the find himself in circumstances where his glib personality will be absolutely worthless.

Cage suddenly finds himself broken of rank and handcuffed as he’s being dragged to a forward deployment base. His attempts to get out of his new assignment to report from the front lines has resulted in him being branded a deserter by the General. He is handed over to the custody of Master Sergeant Farell (Bill Paxton). Case is pushed into a squadron apparently made up of a motley crew of soldiers anxious to suit up and kill the enemy. They are nothing but disdain for Cage through the status as a disgraced officer, but also because he is untrained in combat and not only likely to get himself killed with someone else in the process. In short order, he finds himself suiting up and given a cursory amount of training in the use of the apparatus. In no time at all, Cage is in the air in a jump ship ready for deployment. The aircraft is hit and take serious damage, necessitating a premature deployment of the troops. Once on the ground Cage finds himself in the midst of a hellish mayhem with explosions and body parts flying all over the place. One of the creatures attacked him and need somehow manages to fatally shooting just that the takes his life. As a blood covers Cage, he dies only to reawaken it seems like moments later, back on the cart delivering him to the Master Sergeant Farell. Cage watches as the same events unfold in an eerie sense of déjà vu. Once again he hits the ground is overwhelmed by the battle and quickly killed again. The cycle repeats over and over Cage makes decisions that ultimately change the course of the story. He puts all concern over what is happening and why out of his mind. He concentrates solely on what advantage gain by accepting the situation rather than wasting time analyzing. Eventually finds out that he can make minor changes in the time stream to such alterations as covering up the listed card game for knowing exactly what the master sergeant is about to say. It seems as though in each iteration. He manages to survive just a little bit longer, thanks to his foreknowledge of the unfolding events. Soon he comes across a young woman who was hailed as a hero of humanity, Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt). She has an unparalleled record for effectiveness on the battlefield. During iteration, Vrataski, surprises, Cage by telling him to find her when he awakens. This gives them an idea that she knows exactly what he’s going through. He does have told and even though it takes a few more times around to get it to work, he manages to meet up with her.

He discovers that to some quirk in biology the alien he killed was a very specialized alpha, whose blood has given him the ability to repeat his life after death. She had achieved success on the battlefield to a similar set of circumstances, but lost the ability after a blood transfusion. Now she wants to work with Cage to leverage her extensive experience and tactics of his newfound abilities. The previous movies that have used a time loop plot contrivance are typically lighthearted in nature, such as Groundhog Day. In this storyline, there is no frivolous backdrop, no threads of humor pervading the story. The foundation of this movie is a life or death struggle with humanity is literally fighting for existence. Although there are some social political elements woven into the plot, the strength of this movie lies in its focus on the fighting man, a man carrying a gun into combat, who only a short time ago was a peaceful civilian. Mr. Cruise displays portions of his skill that has made him worth the exorbitant amount of money he is paid, and why the studios make such astronomical profits from. Cruise manages to take Cage through a character arc that is exceptionally well-crafted. From a PR executive greatest challenge in life was not having the proper wine with dinner, to a man over the course of many lifetimes finds himself being honed into an efficient alien killing machine.

In order to make this film work as well as it did, the director, Doug Liman, had to repeat the same scene as nauseum with subtle differences from iteration to iteration balancing on the thin line between being too overt and so subtle that the audience cannot pick up on them. Mr. Liman proved himself more than up to this challenge by providing the audience with one of the more exciting movies to be released in a considerable amount of time. His resume is heavy on television, television, ranging from the reboot of ‘Knight Rider’ to such team melodramas as ‘the O. C.’ in films. He is best known an eclectic group of movies, running the gamut from heavy action, including ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ to producing several of the Bourne films. In this movie is hit the ground running with a science-fiction premise that although pieces of which have been seeing numerous times before his recipe has taken these realms used ingredients and combine them in an exciting and novel fashion.

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Posted 10/07/2014

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