Enemy of the State
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Enemy of the State

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This movie is a fast paced ride through the ultimate in technology and paranoia. Will Smith heads a stellar cast in a movie that shows he can shine in more than summer Sci-Fi blockbusters. Smith plays a labor lawyer that innocently enough becomes involved with a National Security Administration murder. His whole life crumbles as the NSA brings all the high tech gadgets James Bond wishes he had to bear on this confused man. He loses his job, friends, family and money as multiple tracking devices keep an eye on him. A regular Delta force is dispatched to take care of Smith. The cast is great. Jon Voight as the NSA chief that needs to contain a murder. Gene Hackman as the elusive investigator unwilling drawn into the fray. Jake Busey taking over nicely the niche once held by his dad, Gary, as the team leader tracking Smith. Directory Tony Scott has done it again. The director that brought us such classics as Crimson Tide, The Hunger, Top Gun and True Romance shows he knows how to keep the pace moving, the action hard hitting and the plot interesting. This movie is very much an update of the Hitchcock classic, North by Northwest. The high tech equipment will make everyone think twice about using a cell phone or wonder about the 'copter over head.  There is even a classic Hitchcock 'McGuffin', the tape that shows the murder that remains unseen throughout the movie by drives the action.  A little light on character development but after all, you watch a movie like this for thrills not depth.

The DVD is excellent. The Dolby 5.1 surrounds you with the action. The special audio effects enhance the film and not overcome it like so many audio tracks today. The picture is sharp and crisp. The 1:2.35 aspect ration shows all the action all the time. There are a few added features. Unfortunately, there is no director's comments. I would have loved to hear what such a good director had to say. If you are looking for a good couple of hours of entertainment this one is for you!

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