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Finding Nemo

3D Blu-way



The collaboration of the Walt Disney Studios and Pixar animation has quite literally altered the course of feature animation. This merger was one that was destined to occur and ascend to such an historic position. 1938 the Walt Disney studios invented the feature length animated film capable of eliciting the same emotion commitment from an audience as the traditional live action movie. "Snow White became the film that would delight several generations and imitate a tradition that would be handed down through millions of families. Then in the eighties Pixar dominated the burgeoning computer animation industry by creating a form of animation fully capable of conveying a sense of humanity to their artwork as demented by a little desktop lamp that captured the hearts of its viewers. The studio was largely responsible for the Academy Awards to expand their list of categories to encompass animated features. This would lead to 26 Oscars to their name. In 2003 this top honor was the film discussed here, Finding Nemo’ a little fish story that took the world by storm. The budget of animated films increased drastically with ‘Finding Nemo’ budgeted at $94 million. The studios didn’t have to worry though, the movie raked in an astounding box office return just short of a billion dollars. It is reasonably certain that subsequent DVD, Blu-ray and now 3D home releases this staggering figure has been handily exceeded. Even the most popular live action films are hard pressed to approach this amount. I know I would love my investments to have this kind of return. The film was much more than a lucrative cash cow; it has been properly hailed as one of the truly significant examples of the cinematic arts that profoundly influenced popular culture. The American Film Institute has ranked this movie in their top 10 animated films of all time. In what has become a trademark for Disney/Pixar it is not only one of the top animated movies, it represent one of the best all round films of its year. The 3D theatrical release was made a short while ago which has now been followed by a 3D home release. As much as I enjoyed the original format this 3D one is incredible.

There might be some people out there not familiar with the endearing tale of a little Clown fish, Nemo (voiced by Alexander Gould), is out in the vast ocean searching for with long lost father. In true Disney tradition Nemo’s mother, Cora (voiced by Elizabeth Perkins) is killed off by being consumed by a barracuda in the first moments of the film. Mr. Disney and his studio have demonstrated a set of dark, rather morbid set of maternal issues. With a voice cast that includes, Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Geoffrey Rush and Willem Dafoe, to cite just a few, this movie has star power that can span the generations. The film reached out delighting children and touching the adults in a deeply emotional fashion. The core of the story is love, a child desperate to be reunited with the only family he has left. For a child the most frightening scenario imaginable is being separated from their parents. This expertly crafted an intrinsic sense of danger not only for the kids but circumstances readily understandable by the grownups. Along the way Nemo encounters a broad variety of friends, allies and carnivorous villains. Although exciting, emotionally intense the perfection of execution by the studios makes this ideal for repeated family viewings. As beautifully presented as this film was in standard 2D high definition the addition of depth is something that cannot be adequately described; it has to be experienced.

Unlike the current releases from Disney/Pixar Nemo was not originally made with the intension of a 3D release. It required an intensive period of over nine months to re-master the original elements in order to coax the added dimension of depth. This process has been perfect to quite a significant degree lately. Much of these advances have been applied towards converting live action movies but the advances made with animation, especially material as meticulously crafted as Pixar achieves, is ideal for the upward conversion. The all-digital original elements of the film put them several steps ahead in the process. Animation that was ground breaking years ago not only has held up unbelievably well the added depth has enhanced the film pushing it to an entirely new level. The 3D affects truly pop but not in the gimmicky fashion that 3D movies typically exhibit. Possibly the 2D origins prevent the standard 3D staple of thrusting cylindrical objects out of the plane of the movie at the audience. The 3D usage is significantly more mature than many of the upverted animated films. There is a sense that the depth is naturally infused in the film creating a very natural look an already fantastic film. Pixar has re-rendered each frame adding the 3D depth and bumping up the resolution. As whimsical as the original film was this new slant on it will literally transport your entire family beneath the ocean to a place of pure imagination. Most scenes there are multiple planes of reference visible giving a full visual treat. This is perfectly accompanied by a rich TrueHD 7.1 audio mix that works out provides a work out for all eight speakers in your array. Like the video the sound stage has undergone a revisit. The audio range is imbued with a deeper low end, sharper highs and most importantly a robust mid-range that holds everything together and follows the action on screen

The five disc set covers all forms of watching a movie currently available. There are 3D, Blu-ray, Blu-ray extra, DVD and digital copies each housed on their own disc

Blu-ray 3D:

bulletAquariums (1.78:1; MPEG-4/MVC 3D):
bulletDrop Off
bulletPlate Coral
bulletSandy Reef
bulletSchool of Fish

Blu-ray 2D:

bulletKnick Knack Theatrical Short (1.85:1; 1080p/24; 00:03:37)
bulletAquarium (1.78:1; 1080p/24)
bulletCine-Explore – Picture-in-Picture filmmakers’ commentary
bulletFinding Nemo – A Filmmakers’ Roundtable (1.78:1; 1080p/24; 00:17:37) – The filmmakers reunite for a new roundtable and reminisce on their time working on the film.
bulletReinventing the Submarine Voyage (1.78:1; 1080p/24; 00:15:05) – The submarine voyage at Disneyland updated for Finding Nemo.
bulletDeleted Scene: Alt Opening (1.78:1; 1080p/24; 00:03:04)
bulletA Lesson in Flashbacks (1.78:1; 1080p/24; 00:08:00)

Bonus Disc (Blu-ray):

bulletAquariums (1.78:1; 1080p/24):
bulletPlate Coral
bulletSandy Reef
bulletSchool of Fish
bulletArt Review (1.78:1; 1080p/24; 00:08:38) – A look at some pre-production artwork from Finding Nemo.
bulletMaking Nemo (1.33:1; SD; 00:25:35) – Original release “making of” featurette.
bulletExploring the Reef (1.33:1; SD; 00:07:01) – Jean-Michel Cousteau takes us on a journey through the coral reef.
bulletStudio Tour (1.33:1; SD; 00:05:24) – The young actor Alexander Gould (Nemo) goes on a tour of the studio to find how Nemo comes to life on the big screen.
bulletOld School:
bulletEl Capitan Pitch Selects (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:52)
bulletSchool Progression (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:38)
bulletMA Reference (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:53)
bulletWhale Mouth (1.33:1; SD; 00:02:19)
bulletInternational Mine (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:22)
bulletPelican Animation (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:52)
bulletGlenn McQueen Tribute (1.33:1; SD; 00:02:46)
bulletAquascum 2003 (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:32)
bulletChickenfish (1.33:1; SD; 00;00:28)
bulletDory Muttering (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:27)
bulletRove McManus (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:18)
bulletAlbert Brooks Punch Lines (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:20)
bulletDeleted Scenes:
bulletCrush the Hippie (1.33:1; SD; 00:01:10)
bulletShark Volleyball (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:51)
bulletFrantic Dad (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:26)
bulletScent of Lavender (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:23)
bulletSewage (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:30)
bulletPrologue Bedtime Story (1.33:1; SD; 00:00:56)
bulletSoap Opera/Gil Lies (1.33:1; SD; 00:01:11)
bulletPublicity Pieces (1.33:1; SD):
bulletTeaser Trailer
bulletTrailer 1
bulletTrailer 2
bulletTrailer 3
bulletFishy Facts – Bruce, Crush & Nigel
bulletABC Stunts – Guess, Pipe, Scatter
bulletDVD Stunts – Mammals, Staring, Tickles, Trapped
bulletMr. Ray’s Encyclopedia – Learn about the different creatures that appear in Finding Nemo in this interactive “encyclopedia.”

Posted 11/25/12

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