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Gotham: Season 2

It is so common for the second season of the popular college series failed to live up to the expectations generated by his premier season but there’s actually a name for, the sophomore slump. The WB television network has become quite expert at avoiding this phenomenon especially in their representation of the DC comic book universe. So far they have received critical acclaim instantiated by enviable ratings that remain as program goes through this second year. One of the most recent to realize this achievement is ‘Gotham’. There’s no doubt that what the major reasons for this, this series is one of the most innovative incarnations of the Batman origin story ever told. Instead of traditional witnessing his parents that at the hands of the gunman and moving quickly ahead don’t, costume persona, this series lingers on his childhood. Carefully trust the emotional and psychological damage and subsequent changes made to this young boy. Is exceptionally feasible that portion of the story alone could be molded into a fascinating TV series. Rather than resting at that point the showrunners sees the opportunity create except detailed and interwoven origin stories for some of the more infamous members of the familiar rogue’ s gallery of villains. The lamentable admirer that writers face for second season is to attempt to recapture the elements that made the series amazing it in the first place while simultaneously presenting something that is fresh and compelling. Your TV series have managed this was such panache as was achieved with ‘Gotham’. The storylines of major characters were turned upside down blessing heinous success while making the stellar protagonists into the most wanted men in the city. Major turnabout of faith is frequently deployed when the show is on the precipice of cancellation. However, in this instance, comes as a preemptive strike to help establish the fact that Gotham is an urban center that is consistently moments away from plunging into chaos at the hands of super villains. This replaces the usual drastic attempt to gain the first season glory with a piece of the overall story that captivates the imagination the fans.

After the climactic events of the first season with Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) his partner, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) are drawn into a gang war between Gotham’s most powerful criminal elements including mob boss Don Carmine Falcone (John Doman) and his perennial archrival Don Carmine Falcone (John Doman). The Baltimore was instigated by a onetime associate both sides, Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) best known by his nom de guerre, ‘The Penguin’. During the chaos that ensued circumstances quickly spiraled out of control with Gordon being held responsible by his superiors. Jim Gordon is five from the force and Harvey resigns as an act of solidarity for his friend and partner. The Penguin now dominant Mob Boss city Gotham spirals into precedent the crime wave. This forces the police Commissioner, Commissioner Loeb (Zabryna Guevara) to resign after reinstating Jim Gordon in order to intervene in The Penguin’ s reign of terror. As it’s going to turn out this season Gotham Police Department will not be a stable work environment or source of employment.

In the first season Jim Gordon was afforded ample opportunities to demonstrate to the audience and the people Gotham that he is intrinsically a righteous man, a hero. In accordance with the rules of the rules of the heroic journey such as defined in a scholarly fashion by Joseph Campbell, it is now time for the hero designate to have his mettle tested under the direst of circumstances; being denounced by the people he saved. His unorthodox methods have been curtailed by a new captain, Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis), a stern advocate of rules and regulations. He has been commissioned to the post in order to clean up the widespread corruption in the department. Gordon and Bullock soon find themselves on a task force to bring the out-of-control crime wave to a halt. This to be a difficult job on the any normal circumstances, but his difficulty is greatly exacerbated by a change in City Hall. Mayor Aubrey James (Richard Kind) who has long been bought and paid for by Falcone. He is eventually replaced billionaire philanthropist, Theo Galavan (James Frain) who is actually a criminal mastermind, assisted by his sister, Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) who possesses ninja like skills and a strong sadistic streak. His family has had a long-standing blood feud with the Wayne’s that goes back for centuries. Initially his part of a cult that requires a blood sacrifices of Bruce (David Mazouz) in order to clear the Galavan ancestral name.

This is a season of massive changes for most of the characters, both good and evil. Bruce is still obsessed with finding out the real killer in reason behind his parent’s murder. Despite his young years he begins to insert himself into the Wayne Enterprises business hierarchy. In doing so, he discovers an ally, the junior executive and computer/tech wizard, Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk). Along with the family majordomo and his current guardian, Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) becomes his staunch allies and protectors. Prior to his service to the bra Wayne family, Alfred was an ex-Special Air Service operative in Britain. When he sees that Bruce is going to be continually in danger and is too headstrong to stop, Alfred decides to help train him in various forms of strategy and combat. The young man augments this formal training with some street smarts provided by his friend, Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), and offered who lives on the street that possesses catlike agility and incredibly detailed knowledge of the illegal activities of Gotham. Although we know that she will eventually become one of his villains Selina at this point is Bruce’s first love interest.

Many of the traditional villains in the Batman comics possess morally ambiguous personas in this incarnation of the story. Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is extensively the forensics expert for the Gotham PD but a trend that started in the first season comes to fruition here as he manifests a dual personality with alternate is capable of murder and relishes creating chaos. Gordon’s love life is another central story thread that drives the season. His ex-fiancé, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) is malevolently insane and eventually sent to Arkham Asylum, when Galavan begin building a team of psychopaths to terrorize Gotham, she is included. The space Arkham Asylum is at the core of numerous plot threads with Gordon assigned as a prison guard them while on the outs with the administration and later a place where The Penguin is experimented on extensively curing him. The experimentation was done at the hands of the doctor in charge of the asylum, Professor Hugo Strange (BD Wong). He is obsessed with the manipulation of the human mind strong side project of wanting to resurrect the dead. In doing so, the newly revived insane patient is given a new, benevolent personality, as strange begins to build his own army of super humans.

Postseason that has so much going on, such incredibly dense expository information, there is little concern about being confusing or difficult to follow. The writing of this series is superb as the various threads are woven together in a tapestry whose final picture is just beginning to pull together. This is an exceptionally character driven series were great care is given to building the back story of not only the primary characters, but also many of the second-tier, ancillary players. While not a part of the dominant DC television universe that includes, ‘The Green Arrow’, ‘the Flash’ and starting next season, ‘Supergirl’. One obstacle to allowing this to occur is that this program appears to be set in the late 70s early 80s rather than the contemporary letting of the primary CW universe. It is exceptionally interesting to see how characters that we know in their final form in these burgeoning states. Thankfully, the series has been renewed for third season. Judging by how the characters were left at the end of this one is bound to start off with a number of exciting places to take the stories.

Posted 08/12/2016

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