Greek: Chapter 3
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Greek: Chapter 3

For many young people the college years represent a major turning point in their lives, sure there is that whole higher education thing which requires attending classes, lectures and tests but a lot of former and college students that is an ancillary part of the entire experience. Typically, movies and television would lead you to believe college equates a time of non-stop drunken stupor and near continual meaningless, casual sex. While I am sure there are periods in the typical college student’s time where aspects of those things manifest it is not the perpetual party usually depicted. For the last few years there has been a television series that at least makes an attempt to show some middle ground; students that like to party but who also are concerned with their academic careers. The show is ‘Greek’ and as the name indicates the primary focus is what is commonly known as the ‘Greek system’; sororities and fraternities. Those whose personal college experience did not include affiliation with such a society will find there is enough here involving aspects of the common human experience to pull you in and keep you engaged. This reaction may sound familiar and it should. It is the formula for a successful soap opera. Yes, the series ‘Greek’ is a truer, card carrying soap and this just happens to be one of the better representative of the format at least of the type one the tamer, more family friendly variety suitable for production by the ABC Family Channel. The series is one of the more successful in their programming lineup and at this point the third season has been released on DVD. As someone past the target age group for this series I admit I didn’t watch it during its initial broadcast. After receiving the first season to review I quickly became hooked; anticipating each subsequent season.

The creator of the series was Patrick Sean Smith who has considerable experience with teen oriented soap operas. His resume has such successful shows as ‘Everwood’, Sumerland’ and ‘Supernatural’. All of his series share an important factor in common; Smith knows how to connect with his youthful audience. The problems the characters deal with are those that are important to this demographic. Topics such as underage drinking and pre-marital sex are all addressed in a dramatic yet tasteful fashion appropriate for a ‘Family channel’ prime time series. Some parents will become uneasy watching kids engaged in such activities but get your head out of the sand; it is going on so you might as well use a show like as a basis for talking to your own teens.

Life at Cyprus-Rhodes University is getting complex on Greek row. For Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) and his older sister Casey (Spencer Grammer) they are still trying to juggle the increasingly complicated social scene with the growing demands of their classes. Rusty is more affected by this quagmire since his major is in the hard sciences and his high school ‘geek’ image has left him ill prepared for the college social endeavors .Casey has always been more of a natural in this arena and in this chapter is working hard at maintaining her status. The siblings are a bit divided by their Greek houses. Rusty is in Kappa Tau fraternity which is not considered a prestigious house. Zeta Beta Zeta. They usually restrict much of their interaction with the upper crust fraternity Omega Chi Delta. This chapter also introduces the secret Amphora Society just to spice things up a bit. The relationship are a tangled web on constantly shifting hookups and breakup to the point where you might want to make s score card.

You might notice that the DVD set is titled ‘Third Chapter’ instead of season. There was a break in the first season prompting this form of division. This third season starts with another Greek Week after everybody’s return from a wild spring break. The President of KT, Cappie (Scott Foster) and Casey have their hands full with Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria) who is acting out. She is the daughter of a U.S. senator under a short leash. This stresses her relationship with Cappie to the breaking point. Cappie has a lot on his mind including his pending multimillion dollar trust fund. Casey is trying to get over an internship in Washington DC that did not go as she expected.

This is one of the better series written with some intelligence and presented in a very good drama-comedy spin to it. If you haven’t checked it out yet take this opportunity.

Posted 08/12/09

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