Homeland: Season 4
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Homeland: Season 4

Currently almost every network on cable is producing original content. Typically this takes the form of the series that thanks to the FCC’s lack of dominion over this form of entertainment, the content can be significantly more mature than could ever be considered possible under traditional broadcast channels. What makes Showtime truly special is and how it utilizes this potential for enhanced artistic expression. While there is a greater amount of natural language and sexuality but more importantly employs that potential for greater latitude for artistic expression applying it to the intensification of situations in the examination of the emotional turmoil and exceptional psychological strain that are imposed upon principal characters. Examples of this can be found in the broad-spectrum of their principal characters whether they be the boss of a criminal organization, prisoners in the maximum-security facility to a quartet of free-spirited women navigating the social scene of New York City, Showtime has gone beyond pushing limits into the rarefied realm of redefining them. Whenever the public perceives a direct threat upon not just national security went on personal safety entertainment has traditionally responded by incorporating such fears into the central theme of popular forms of escapism. The Showtime flagship series ‘Homeland’ preparing to go into its fifth season, which can only mean the fourth season, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Once again they have continued to achieve excellence in television by providing views with a different perspective national espionage. During the Cold War spies for arguably the most popular character was the spy. We are currently once again court and it’s the global frenzy of fear and paranoia coalesced into the form of terrorism. This is where Homeland has not only gained its entrance into the fray of international espionage but it continues to do it is always done best stripping away the façade around the characters humanizing them to a degree never before seen popular entertainment. The series continues to follow the tumultuous life and career of a CIA Middle East analyst, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), she navigates the treacherous political landscape of the numerous plots and schemes. It must be noted that while viewing the episodes that comprise this series you are observing the delicate balance of intelligence gathering, and how it extracts a dire personal cost on the people who are valid strive for the safety and security of their country.

In the opening of the fourth season Carrie Mathison has been promoted to the rank of Section Chief within the CIA, assigned to Kabul, Afghanistan. Currently much of the focus of her work is ring close association with the counterpart in Afghanistan, Section Chief, and Sandy Bachman (Corey Stoll). He passes on some information he received to Carrie concerning the whereabouts of Haissam Haqqani, one of the most sought after and elusive targets on the list of the CIA’s most sought after targets. Location she receives is a farmhouse in Pakistan in the low Bachman refuses to reveal his source of the information Carrie authorizes a strike against it. Unfortunately reports or receive that Haqqani a temporary left to a farmhouse to attend a wedding, which meant that a number of civilians were present at the time. Will the principal target, Haqqani, was eliminated the collateral damaging to over 40 civilians. As to be expected United States publicly denies having any knowledge of the airstrike. Threatening this cover story is a student, Aayan Ibrahim (Suraj Sharma), was a guest at the wedding along with his mother and sister. He is distraught and he learns that they were among the victims of the assault. As it happened Aayan had been recording the writing quality at the time of the strike. Upon returning to school, Aayan refuses to upload the video to YouTube despite the insistence of his roommate, Rahim. While Aayan is asleep Aayan, his roommate steals the video getting his cousin to post it online the shocking footage, damning to the United States, immediately goes viral igniting a firestorm around the incident. Plot point such as this is one of the most important aspects that have led to the continued success of the series. A chance change in itinerary on unexpected gathering instantly turns a mission of surgical precision into the slaughter of innocent civilians.

As it turns out with many people the policy as depicted in the series, Sandy’s source is found to be Dennis Boyd (Mark Moses) is the husband of Martha Boyd (Laila Robins), the United States ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This made it relatively easy for Boyd to steal sensitive material. Eventually confesses to Carrie that Haqqani is still alive. Such circuitous plots have always been integral to the foundation of the series. In the previous season show was running the danger becoming a bit too convoluted frequently folding back on itself to the detriment of a clear and forthright narrative. While mystery and misdirection are still present and ample quantities this season has shown a marked return to its neo-literary roots. After the tragic events of 9/11 with every politician clamoring for the sacrifice of freedom for security everyone had hoped that this would be a script and efficient battle against terrorism the fact that such heinous activities continue almost unabated is reflected in how the prolonged covert activities have taken its toll on the operatives and manages.

When my favorite characters are undoubtedly Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), the CIA’s Middle East division chief. He is one of the most influential and powerful in the CIA and has a special relationship with Carrie once been a mentor and now remaining her closest friends in the organization. Admittedly my favoritism towards his character is the fact that I’ve enjoyed him performing live on Broadway several plays written by the master of the musical, Stephen Sondheim. That is what usually gets be interested in his character but keeps me mesmerized to his performances is the poignant scope is dramatic talents. In this latest season Saul has become the character of more ambiguous nature a change that makes his presentation of Saul all the more interesting. This is part of the series be gaining the putting that many felt that had begun to lose. Plot lines that seem to have drifted all focus have been replaced with Lisa shop storylines fully capable of captivating the audience and keeping us mesmerized, anxiously awaiting what happens next. Homeland has always been a source of covert thrills and intriguing mysteries. Is finally circled back to what makes this show, and indeed Showtime in general, the pervasive infusion of humanity with all its foibles to each of its major characters. In many ways the character of Carrie is falling upward through the ranks of the CIA. As demonstrated by the ill-fated side effects of being able to audit airstrikes on her own, you can watch as Carrie has to focus that same intensity that was once targeting her superiors into an introspective or seeing laser. In many ways fans of consider this to be a reset, or to use a more common illustration, this is a rebuilding year for the show where directors, writers and cast have to come together in unison to adapt to what the audience felt detracted to show retaining its greatness.

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Posted 11/24/2015

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