Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)
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The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

I always have been up front concerning my objections to growing popularity of the abomination known as torture porn. It is a subcategory of horror where instead of an actual plot or character development the filmmaker substitutes over the explicit infliction of pain, suffering, and debilitation. The techniques used in these films would be deemed revolting by everyone the possible exception of Tomás de Torquemada. Then again, even in the depths of it’s the depravity known in the Spanish Inquisition would ever think of linking human beings by attaching their mouths directly to the anus of the one next in line. The exclusion of this particular form of atrocity was not a result of a lack of medical expertise but rather the complete affront to even the slightest iota of decency. Filmmaker Tom Six has created a perverted niche career for himself by utilizing this despicable concept as the fundamental premise for a trilogy of films. Each successive installment is distinguishing itself by increasing the number of victims connected in the chain. Tom Six had in mind in mind this continually escalating chain of human despair and humiliation when he released ‘The Human Centipede (First Sequence)’ in 2009. Right from the start Mr. Six made it clear that he intended to turn this into a trilogy. With each subsequent sequel would be bigger and more nauseating than its predecessor. The first film featured three people connected as mentioned. The second movie, ‘The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), released in 2011, upped the ante to a dozen people making up the centipede. Mr. Six highlighted in the first movies marketing that he consulted with the surgeon and everything depicted ‘100% medically accurate’. While I have little doubt that procedure, as depicted, would be possible, I am also quite convinced that the result would not be viable for long. In promoting the second film, the reverse was used as a tagline proudly announcing that it’s 100% impossible. Now in 2015 the capstone of this trilogy has been released, ‘The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence),' where a sadistic prison Warden decides he could drastically decrease expenses by creating a centipede or 500 prisoners. I can fully understand that Mr. Six intended this trilogy to be satiric, ridiculing the lamentable move of the most popular horror films to the torture above oriented foundation. It also works as a parody of the popular exploitation movies that many of us work watching in the dilapidated grindhouse theaters. In reaching this goal I have to admit that there is a somewhat creative aspect to the idea I felt it just didn’t come across with this is the movies’ primary purpose. At least now it’s over and hopefully will not go on to an extended franchise. In an attempt to be fair I do intend to go back and re-watch the movies and try to discern a satiric intention. The portrayal of the pair of twisted the two twisted villains of this film portrayed by the same two actors cast as the antagonists in the previous two movies. Dieter Laser took on the role of the mad scientist/surgeon that started to open the first film. Here he is a psychotic and delusional prison Warden, Bill Boss. His lackey is ostensibly his bookkeeper, Dwight Butler a role undertaken by Laurence R. Harvey who in the second movie played the wannabe surgeon who was a fan of the first movies Blu-ray. Within the context of this story the human centipede, films are just that, controversial films. After watching the second movie, Warden Boss expresses that he hated the movie although his amply endowed assistant, Daisy (Bree Olson), states that she enjoyed the film. The Warden reacts rather violently by sucking on his fingers sexually assaulting Daisy with his digits. It is noteworthy that the actress, Ms. Olson, has almost 200 credits listed on IMDb, predominantly hard-core pornography. Casting an adult film star in this role does serve the function of the negating any potential charges of forcing an actress to perform lascivious actions. The perception of this action could be easily perceived as sexual assault within the context of the film’s narrative. The story for this film is, based on the titles comprising oeuvre, just another day on the film set. Some may consider that the Warden’s comment that women do not deserve to comment on any issue is entirely misogynist, indeed an undisputed statement. The Warden’s boss concludes that the idea is brilliant but before he could elaborate he is interrupted by a phone call. The next few scenes provide the basis for my opinion that movies failed to work as satire competently. When a prison guard has stabbed the offending inmate (Tommy 'Tiny' Lister), is brought to the Warden who has a means of punishment breaks the man’s arm so that the bone is protruding from the flesh. He assures the man that once his injury heals this dehumanizing torture will sexually debase them,

Afterward, Bill receives a mysterious package. When Dwight inquires what it is Bill probably informs them that it is imported dried African clitorises that Boss snacks on to increase his strength and virility. The Warden then moves on to the rest of his ministry to duties by waterboarding and Native American inmate with his special twist of using boiling water which compounds the agony with facial disfigurement to the torture. Governor Hughes (Eric Roberts) arrives for a visit and inspection warning Warden Boss that unless he rectifies his methods, he will be dismissed summarily dismissed from his position. These threats are ineffective against the uncaring warden who responds by ordering the mass castration of the prison population. Determined to demonstrate that he is a man that leads by example and not above performing an unsavory task, he proceeds to castrate a prisoner himself. True to the so-called style of the franchise this barbaric procedure is depicted in graphic detail. Escalating the gross-out factor exponentially the testicles of boiled and served to the Warden for lunch. Then to further humiliate and degrade his subordinates, Boss forces Daisy to perform oral sex on him while Dwight watches. Just when you think the film cannot become more surreal once a decision is made to go ahead with a massive human centipede bill notes that the director Tom Six’s fecal fetish the summons the director to the prison. Tom Six does make a cameo appearance as himself and after being pitched the idea agrees to give his permission to use his idea with the puppies so that he gets to watch it. He also assures them that the procedure is 100% medically accurate. White points out that this will be the ultimate deterrent and you want to commit a crime. The first two films are screened for the prisoners in the mess hall to give an idea of what lies ahead for them. A riot breaks out Bill and Dwight trying to hide in the Warden's office, but the prisoners soon overtake them raping Daisy as another inmate pleasures himself watching. This is just too far over the top and unnecessary to make a satiric point.

Excesses are indubitably the main problem with this film, and indeed the entire trilogy. As mentioned I can understand this theme as a means to point out the exploitive nature of a grindhouse movie but it’s unnecessary to go to such graphic lengths to accomplish the goal. There is a point in which parity goes to such an extreme that it becomes more offensive than its target. This is the case here. What has is mentioned above is only the tip of the iceberg by subjecting the audience to actions so explicitly described in the film. By the time they get around to showing the real 500 man human centipede daisies in a coma after her rape, the man’s arm is re-broken in a prison on death row is dismembered as part of a ‘special project.' One prisoner with a medical condition that results in nearly constant diarrhea is given a unique position in the train. When the Governor can see Warden Boss’ idea in action, the Warden attempts to convince the governor of help fiscally sound the idea is. The money already spent on food and much of the necessity for guards would be greatly diminished in the governor can increase his popularity by using the surplus to rebuild state infrastructure. Within the film, things are so disgusting that Tom Six winds up vomiting. It would have been a good idea if the distributor included a few paper bags like those used by airlines for nauseous passengers. In any case, it would be prudent to keep a pail or bucket close by.

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