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Jurassic World

There is one type of movie become a new genre of its own; the summer blockbuster. It is now as much as American tradition is the Fourth of July barbecue. Typically, this category of film made with budgets ranging up to $200 million can easily close to studio a half $1 billion in profit. They offer a showcase for the latest advances in special effects driving an adrenaline pumping action. Most recently it offers a means to show off the mastery of 3-d filmmaking. The most recent movie in this category is ‘Jurassic world’ fourth installment in the usually successful Jurassic park franchise. Many fans have felt that after the lackluster reception for the third film in the series that the story would end there. But there seems to be an intrinsic fascination with dinosaurs that begins when we are kids and something we never really completely grow out of. This may be part of the reason why ‘creature features’ were among the first kind of movies many of us really got into. It is only natural that a franchise built around dinosaurs would not remain dormant for long. There’s one thing to keep in mind that any monster movie especially one that will serve as a summer blockbuster; it is intended for entertainment and not to be analyzed against any touchstone of biology, physics or any other measure of reality. The main premise of this film is the subject the ‘big bad’ animal villains to specimens that are significantly bigger and badder. The achievement of this goal was readily achieved with a considerable amount of style and a substantial increase in both the realism and excitement from any of the previous movies.

The audience is lowered to a time 22 years after the disastrous events of Jurassic park. The location remains the same, Isla Nublar; spectacularly elaborate, fully functional theme park has been open for more than a decade. It was the fulfillment of John Hammond’s dream that was made possible when after his death his genetics company, InGen, was purchased by the global conglomerate, Masrani Global Corporation whose owner and CEO, Simon Masrani(Irrfan Khan), the billionaire adrenaline junkie. He is first seen poking a helicopter to the island despite the fact that he hasn’t quite finished his training or received an actual license. Revitalizing the format of the original film one set point of view characters are a pair of brothers, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins). They were sent to the island by their mother; Karen (Judy Greer) for a family vacation with the Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) was employed as the park’s operations manager. The real reason for this elaborate trip was to get them out of the way while the parents work on the divorce.

Aunt Claire is an obsessive workaholic who has to show some potential investors for the new attraction around on top of the normal hectic duties. She assigns her personal assistant, Zara (Katie McGrath) to chaperone the boys during the visit. Both brothers are given special wristbands the grant in priority access to all the Indominus with a new attraction to reinvigorate the park and its brand. The latest attraction literally designed to increase the ‘Wow factor is a genetically designed new synthetic dinosaur, Indominus rex. The genome serving as the foundation for the creature is a Tyrannosaurus rex that has been heavily augmented and modified with other predatory or dinosaurs in a few modern-day creatures to make it more formidable as an attraction. The exact composition has been classified by the original park’s geneticist, Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong).

Another part of the park Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is conducting a general behavioral experiment. He has trained four velociraptors to obey his command and follow his lead. This was accomplished by having the animals imprint on him after hatching and accepting him as the Alpha of their pack. Grady can successfully command the animals but they are still very much while in dangerous predators that can kill or maim a person in a moment. The idea of having such perfect killing machines subject to human command is seen as having a different potential by InGen employee Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio). He sees an entirely new and lucrative revenue stream by recognizing the velociraptors and leasing them to the military. Grady is adamantly opposed to the corruption of his work.

Meanwhile the boys are upset with the cursory attention they are given by Zara and at the aunt could involve is to be with them personally. They easily separate from their adult supervision to explore the park on your own. With the all access VIP passes they happily go from right to ride without having to write online for any attraction. They wind up on a gyrosphere ride really override the preprogrammed route and go off the road to explore the park on their own. Back at the Indominus paddock the senses indicate that the creature has escaped. When Grady and two other handlers go to check it out they find you scratch marks on one wall. They surmise that the Indominus managed to claw his rate over the enclosure. By the time they realize that it was just a distraction perpetrated by the beast they are trapped in the enclosure with it. They barely get out with their lives before the man-made dinosaur escapes into the interior of the park. Grady begins to wonder exactly what the composition of its genome is considering it has such incredible intelligence and uncanny ability to camouflage itself.

At this point all the pieces are in play and the board has been set for the real action to begin. The Indominus is running wild in the park and breaks into the aviary to avoid gunfire from helicopters sent after it. That results in a sizable flock of pterosaurs that immediately fly off in the direction of the tourist. They actively go after the free range humans that have been conveniently herded in one place for ‘safety’. Zara is punished by the screenwriter for hard child neglect by having one of the flying dinosaurs pick her up and drop her into the rating jaws over gigantic aquatic dinosaur, Mosasaurus. The first time you saw this monster was during a ‘Sea world’ like attraction that features the Mosasaurus leaping out of the water to consume a great white shark in one bite. Grady assesses the danger of the Indominus noting that it was raised in isolation I was not given a proper socialization with all the animals. It even cannibalized its own sibling after hatching. Without knowing the exact makeup of the genome it is impossible to know how it will react or even what the extent of its abilities might be.

But the boys loose in a gyrosphere wandering into one area of the park after another was only a matter of time before they cross paths with the Indominus. Back at headquarters Grady wants to kill the animal but Masrani sends the Asset Containment Unit to capture the dinosaur alive. Most of that elite team is easily dispatched by the unstoppable predator. When Masrani tries to play hero by piloting a helicopter he also falls victim to his newest attraction. Hoskins contacts the Board of Directors and managed to be placed in charge of the situation the orders Grady the home to rampaging dinosaur down with his velociraptors. This could be a real world test of their viability in extreme combat situation.

The action in this film is nearly nonstop from beginning to end. There is a first act of suitable length to introduce the audience to the principal players both human and dinosaur. The requisite romantic attraction between Claire and Grady is established as having not worked out after a single date. For summer blockbuster that translates to after several near-death experiences the pair will be an official couple. The concern for my nephews combined with guilt over leaving them alone compels Claire to go out into the field with Grady in order to bring them back to safety. There are some great action sequences when the velociraptors hunt and subsequently attack the Indominus. Unfortunately the creature had some velociraptor genes spliced in manages to become the new Alpha.

This movie has everything you want in a summer blockbuster not only is the action sequences exceptionally well-choreographed to realistic details such as blood spurting in the believable texture of the wounds makes you wonder whether it’s CGI or not. With audiences now so jaded with computerized special-effects blended with practical props the techniques utilized in this movie have raised the bar to an outstanding level. It is also one of the best uses of 3-D I have seen in quite a long while. I have noticed that an increasing number of films helmed by filmmakers who have properly begun to use 3-D effects as an integral part of telling the story rather than as a gimmick. These films tend to put into the 3-D to the point that you hardly notice it except for the fact that everything seems far more realistic than usual. In the case of this movie you are in the humorist in the story but you always aware of the multiple layers present in each scene. Their distinctive without being obtrusive and enhanced the story rather than distracting from. The incredible detail afforded by high-definition is not lost to the 3-D effect. It is also necessary to comment on the audio track. It is practically perfect, matched to the movement on the screen the rear speakers are used with an amazing efficiency while the sub-woofer will exceed in its job description of shaking the floor as the dinosaurs roar in town their way around the set. While the script is somewhat predictable becomes alive with the expertise of a talented cast of performers. Mr. Pratt is now on an A-List star thanks to his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Ms. Howard has always been a strong performer with the range and ability to make any character she portrays realistic and empathetic. Mr. D'Onofrio is an exceptionally hard-working character actor who perfectly captures the essence as a man dedicated to perfecting war. This is the ideal film to just let go and escape reality for couple of hours; the exact reason we go to see some of blockbuster such as this.

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Posted 10/28/2015

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