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Kathy Kaehler Basics: Total Fitness Workout

Kathy Kaehler Basics: Workout Class

Two of America’s passions have always gone hand in hand, over eating and exercise. While fast food franchises are doing better than ever so is the ever increasing market for fitness. In such an over crowded field as this one woman has carved out a niche and a following, one that is well deserved, Kathy Kaehler. This mother of three (including a set of twins) is in such fantastic shape that she is the personal trainer for some of Hollywood’s most chiseled bodies. Among her clients are Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Sarah Jessica Parker. One could very well rationalize that these women can afford the best so there must be something to the techniques employed by Ms Kaehler.

I suppose a valid question considering the claims made by these DVDs would be "how does Kathy Kaehler look?" She is in excellent shape, not the anorexic body type so embraced by the media but rather as a woman that enjoys looking like a woman, she has curves. She also has the right amount of definition, something very evident as she goes through the exercises. In her stint on The Today Show she even appeared while pregnant to demonstrate pregnancy and postpartum exercises. Here is a woman that acts on what she teaches about health, wellness and exercise.

Ventura has two releases from the regimen of Ms Kaehler; Kathy Kaehler Basics: Total Fitness Workout and Kathy Kaehler Basics: Workout Class. Both are excellent and where well received by the friends who helped me by testing the various routines. One aspect of these DVDs that where notable by all was the easy going manner Kaehler has in teaching her video classes. The setting was one that emulated a typical living room, the place most viewers will be doing her workouts and common household items where frequently used instead of requiring the viewer to purchase some piece of equipment or another. I was impressed by some of the ingenuous items that she uses. For example in several exercises she has you count the repetitions using playing cards. This not only serves as a counting aid but helps to ensure you get close enough to the ground as you bend and stretch.

The production values are not as slick as many other videos of this type. In several scenes you can see the boom mike operator rush out of the frame. Several times Kaehler slightly misses a line or two. I like this a lot. It gave the feel of someone actually there teaching you and most importantly someone more concerned with the material than putting on a show.

The Total Fitness Workout disc is divided into seven easy five minute segments, each one with a particular body part in mind. You start with a warm up, move on to cardio and the start focusing more intently on common problem areas. The all important bottom is considered with arms, legs and abs following. The routine ends with a five minute cool down. The recommendation is to complete a personal combination of five minute segments each day or go for the whole 35 minutes three times a week. There are even some bonus features provided. Three mini fitness breaks are shown, 2 minute legs, 1 minute push ups and 1 minute abs. These are useful to get a little extra workout during the day. Kaehler also includes various tips on general health and nutrition. The most you need for these workouts are a chair, a sturdy coffee table and a mat, items you most likely already have within your home. My panel of friends found this routine easy to comply to and actually fun to do. Even the mother of three I asked found that when the kids where down for a nap she could find the time for the full workout. Not to be gender biased I asked a forty something male friend and he took to the workout almost immediately.

The second disc was a little more conventional. Here Kaehler works out in as studio along with several others, but all the exercises where doable in the home. Basic Workout is fundamentally a step class intended to increase the cardiac function of all of us that sit around a little too much during our lives. There is an eight minute warm up that builds up in intensity rather rapidly. This is followed by a full thirty minutes of full cardio workout that will get your heart rate up and keep it there. The routine ends with a ten minute tone up and cool down. It is also recommended that you do this whole routine three times a week. Like the other disc it does focus on the arms, legs, hips, but and abs. My little ad hoc test panel found this workout a bit more intense. They also noted that it was more difficult to find the extra time required to go through the whole workout. My friends seemed to like the greater flexibility of the first DVD over the greater commitment required for this one. This disc is better suited after you get into a new health and exercise routine with the first disc.

Between the easy going personality of Ms Kaehler and her natural ability to teach a class like these the two DVDs are excellent for anyone that is serious about getting into better shape but have always been afraid of the commitment. Let’s face it, many people don’t want to be seen in a gym especially during those important and more embarrassing initial months. These DVDs are well done and presented in a friendly manner conducive to helping you stick to it. All of my friends that helped with this review agreed, these discs are excellent.

Posted 3/17/05

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