Killjoys: Season 1
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Killjoys: Season 1

Many genres of entertainment have flourished now the television is no longer restricted to a handful of national networks. One of the greatest advantages brought in by cable television is not just the relative freedom from the FCC’s regulations on content but the fact that in niche programming is almost entirely supplanted the need for generic shows designed to appear to the largest audience possible. Under this paradigm many science fiction oriented shows continually struggle to find a place on the network’s programming lineup. Now with at least one cable network dedicated to science fiction, the SyFy channel a myriad of these shows are becoming popular in of May television, and streaming video cousin, realistic answer some of the best sci-fi literature that most of us grew up on. One case is a show that debuted on SyFy this last season, ‘Killjoys’ about bounty hunters working in a for planet system controller corporate government. A popular theory among many fans is that this series is interrelated to another freshman show on the network, ‘Dark Matter’ which concerns a six people from diverse backgrounds that wake up on a spaceship without their memories. Many fans a certain that both shows take place in the same universe and not crossover episodes are inevitable. As a fan of both series of continue to enjoy them regardless of the outcome of this theory but I wouldn’t mind if it did happen. ‘Killjoys’ is on the surface a typical action oriented sci-fi romp with new adventures and dangers with every episode. While this description is true it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what this series is all about.

In order to enforce laws and contractual obligations throughout the quad there was a need for an organization that possessed unquestioned authority throughout the system. The result of this need was the RAC, Reclamation Apprehension Coalition. They are best defined by their official mandate; "We are a single body, with no allegiance to anyone but ourselves. We offer one, simple service to all of our clients - we will cross contested jurisdictions for you, find who or what you’re looking for, and bring it back to you in the condition requested. [It is] simple [and] elegant. No one knows who hires us, but everyone knows they can trust us to get the job done, and we can guarantee that…" When they are hired a warrant is issued of various degrees of severity from level 1 which is simply reclamation only up to level 5 which is to apprehend, dead. This is essentially in order to assassinate the target. Usually one warrant is issued to a team but on certain occasions a so-called ‘Black Warrant’ can be issued which is open to the first team to succeed in fulfilling.

The protagonist of the series represents one of the most successful killjoy teams currently at large. The head of the team is Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), a level 5 Killjoy was exceptionally proficient in martial arts and all forms of ordinance. One of the secrets that will be gradually revealed over the course of the season is just how she came to be so adept in such deadly arts. A partner for several years is space John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore) was wracked as a level 3 Killjoy. Although is dyslexic is an engineering prodigy able to fix or bring together any device he may encounter. Brought on board early in the season is his older brother D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane), a former military officer dark and mysterious past has left them with severe case of PTSD. Exactly what brought such a brilliant strategist and highly proficient soldier close to the breaking point is yet another thread that is slowly revealed. Each of three members of the crew are hiding very disturbing considering that mercenaries and bounty hunters of rally from the top of society this is a plot point that is exceptionally believable. There is always been sibling rivalry between the Jaqobis brothers but when Dutch seems to begin a physical relationship with D'Avin potential for major season becomes exceptionally real.

From the very first episode Dutch is passed becomes crucial plot point. She receives a mysterious red box containing a weapon brings back memories of a similar item in a childhood. As it slowly revealed Dutch has been trained as an assassin from the early stage can remember. A mentor and ersatz father figure is a powerful man named Khlyen (Rob Stewart) has abilities that is so far beyond those possessed by a level 5 form intended purposes is invincible. There have always been rumors among the RAC operatives that there was a covert rank, level 6 that possessed preternatural abilities and powers. Dutch just wants to fulfill warrants to live her life but Khlyen has the habit of showing up at the least opportune time and inevitably disrupts for life.

With each episode a little bit more of the society is pure back consideration. There is a strictly enforced caste society that is not conducive to the existence of a middle class. You are either rich and empower poor scrounging for an existence. The team of Killjoys soon find themselves in a maelstrom of political and social upheaval and it comes report with the can no longer avoid taking sides in the upcoming battle. Although the RAC is inherently neutral the largest client and source of most of their funding is the ‘Company’ without a doubt any warrant issued by the client is going to be deceptively simple actually it is riddled with political subterfuge. Unlike many in their profession three Reclamation Agents on this team are not devoid of humanity. Certainly they are capable of making some particularly brutal decisions that is more a product of the harsh environment economy and government that they live in. Under the necessity of their tough exterior there are people who care about others. While that is a very bad character flaw within their ranks makes one excellent plot point as they find it very difficult to remain neutral when they witness some of the social and moral abuses being perpetrated on a daily basis.

Having to drop Susan toward the audience with the resolution of three major personal mysteries of the most circumstances it would be overly convoluted and impossible to make work. This series came from the same production team that created ‘Lost Girl’ incredibly textured and well-crafted series with an amazing amount of back story of mythology to content with. Here we are presented with an amazingly detailed tapestry of the branches in trying synergistic effect achieving one of the better made shows currently available. Each of the primary cast has degree of artistry in their craft to imbue their characters such distinctive individuality will define personalities that viewers cannot help but to consider the mass fully functional human beings. There is another side to the coin of individuality in that there is almost always some form of convention between at two members of the team. Even with romantic trappings aside both of the brothers need Dutch and a level 5 status. It is the highest level warrants that all the most lucrative, and of course the most dangerous. With the brothers write only a level 3 without that he would be forced to scratch out a meager existence. The relationship is symbiotic since she would not be able to efficiently fulfill so Many the level 5 warrants without the assistance of particular talents of the team. It is great news that the series has been renewed and even more excitingly that has moved over to Netflix. They do seem more conducive to get into darker themes and subject matter that is typically shown on SyFy. In any case the next season starts soon for the release of this DVD is a perfect opportunity to catch up on the series or if you happen to be among those who did not pitch the series on its first run rectify that miscalculation and judgment by been watching the show.

Posted 05/13/2016

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