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The Stanley Kubrick Collection (Original Release)

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With the passing of director Stanley Kubrick, the movie world has lost one of the truly great film makers of all time. In fact, Kubrick was the first director I was aware of as my love for movies grew. It was 2001 that lead me to be interested in the works of this man. This collection is comprised of (with the exception of latest) his last seven movies; Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001, Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining and Full Metal Jacket. With the exception of 2001, all of the movies are presented in Dolby 1.0 mono. This is a shame since most of Kubrick's movies rely heavily on sound as part of the story. The movies demonstrate the diversity of this director. From the earlier presentation of Lolita, complete with the English censorship board's warning to the brutally direct Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick portrays a directness and force that makes you watch the film.

The DVD collection is not up to the brilliance of the man. The mono presentations are disappointing. So many films have been reprocessed into at least Dolby 2.0 one has to wonder why this collection was not processed in this manner. Perhaps the studio wanted to get the collection out as soon as possible after Kubrick's death to capitalize on the news of his death and the release of his last film. Two of the movies are not even in letterbox, Shining and Full Metal Jacket. This is a down right crime. Most of us got into DVD because we want to see the movie at home with the same scope and sound as the theater. The manufacturers could have at least provided a full scope version of the films. There is also a lack of added features to all but 2001.

The movies are what this collection is about. If you are a fan of Kubrick's you will enjoy the films because of the genius shown in them. Since the seven present the majority of Kubrick's work you can actually follow the growth of this director as his skill matured and his vision became clearer and clearer. The movies in this collection span almost thirty years of Kubrick's life and work. The presentation may be below standard but the content is far superior to most films around today.


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