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The Lego Movie

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Many people might remember a time when cartoons were considered for children. As kids used to make up early Saturday morning, turn on the TV, and watch our cartoons until our parents woke up to make breakfast. The era of the animated feature film began in 1937 when the Walt Disney Company released ‘Snow White’. Ever since then they have been delighting one generation after another with the animated movies. Over the decades many technological improvements has transformed this medium in the tedious ethic and drawing literally millions of cells. Now, thanks to computer animation, the process of creating animated films has been greatly enhanced. The cooperative efforts of the creative programmers and graphic artists have raised the animated feature to where it has been recognized as a legitimate part of the art of cinematic expression. Several years The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized this by creating a category for the Academy Awards especially for the best animated movie of the year. Although Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks have dominated this category this year there was a new contender, Warner Bros. Their release of the ‘Lego’ movie in 3D is such an achievement in this field that it’s certain to garner its share of well-deserved accolades.

For a while now list of the best pictures of the year have included animated films, not just compared to other animated films but holding their own against the best live-action movies released. Cinema, as a means of artistic expression is all about letting the imagination soar. From the very start of the medium the filmmaker was able to make dreams and imagination come to life before the audience. You artistic use of animation has now reached a point where it ever can be imagined can be brought to life. It might seem strange that a movie can be based upon a child’s toy, those thoughts crossed my mind when I first heard it was going to be Lego a movie. There has been a popular series of children’s films and shorts doing Lego versions of popular films such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and Indiana Jones’. One thing this movie is that artistic inspiration can come from many sources and be successful. While it is true that this is basically a very long commercial for the Lego toys it does have cohesive plot, character development and lives up to the old saying that is so overused; "great entertainment for the entire family".

The story takes place in the world entirely composed of Lego blocks and populated by Lego mini figures. The film starts with a bit of a prologue where the wizard, Vitruvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman), is battling with evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell). His dastardly plot trees the entire Lego world into his very specific idea of perfection using the ultimate doomsday weapon the Kragle. The only thing that can possibly prevent it from working is to use the Piece of Resistance. Before being defeated the wizard makes a prophecy; "one person will appear that was use the piece of resistance and save the Lego world, you will be The Special." The scene then switches to a sprawling Lego Metropolis will be watch as a mini figure, Emmet Brickowoski (voiced by Chris Pratt), prepares for another day at work. He is an average guy indistinguishable from any other instruction work a mini figure. Like everyone else his favorite television show is "Has My Pants" and his favorite song is "Everything Is Awesome". On his way to the job and is desperate to connect with his fellow workers attempting to become part of the conversations while walking to their clique only to be ignored as if he was invisible. His job is a common one to select the correct piece positioning it in the right place to build whatever their project calls for in strict accordance to the plan given to them. Emmet and everyone else in Lego city life is strictly controlled by their jobs and faithful execution of the plan. There was no difference in opinion, no distinguishing characteristics; individuality is kept to a bare minimum. At the very pinnacle of the Lego hierarchy is President Business, actually Lord Business, now in a business suit but still ruthlessly evil. The completely dominate the Lego world with his draconian regime. The next phase of his diabolical plot, known only to him, involves a huge celebration called Taco Tuesday.

During one work they like any other and it is digging through some rubble created by recent demolition. The main activity in Lego city is breaking buildings down and rebuilding them according to the plan. On this particular occasion and it comes across a young woman, Wyldstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks), who was frantically searching for something. And it slips and falls with a strange piece adhering to his back, a red rectangular piece opened at one end with no connectors. It is the piece of resistance. Actually it will find out soon the Kragle is actually a tube of Krazy glue some of the letters obscured and the piece of resistance it’s cap. By finding the special piece and it is the plan ‘The Special’. For someone was never been accepted or even noticed by others this designation greatly elates Emmet. Wyldstyle explains the Emmett that there are many different legal worlds; Star Wars, old West and many others. At one time they were all connected with the inhabitants of each world cooperating with each other that is until Lord Business, and his obsession with uniformity in order isolated them all. Wyldstyle brings Emmet to the West world ready is introduced to Vitruvius. The old wizard explains the Emmett that both of them are Master Builders, members of a group of Lego mini figures that can create objects from their own imagination not from a plan. As The Special Emmet is one of their elite ranks.

What follows is an incredible adventure as Emmet and Wyldstyle fight the paramilitary forces Pres. Executive, led by a police officer mini figure called Bad Cop (voiced by Liam Neeson). There is undeniable chemistry between and Wyldstyle but she has a boyfriend, another master builder, Batman (Will Arnett). Emmet Is taken to a special safe haven for the Master builders, Cloud Cuckoo Land, the home of Unikitty (voiced by Alison Brie), a combination of unicorn and kitten. In this cloud city both Emmet and the audience have a chance to meet Master builders from a variety of popular worlds including Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and several characters from the Star Wars set. The animation is simply incredible. A computerized technique was developed so that everything in this world appears to be stopped from Lego blocks. Unlike the direct to video Lego movies where the background are often realistic matte stills, absolutely everything here has the look and feel of Legos. This comes across in spectacular fashion as Lego waves toss a Lego ship around in a blue Lego city. Explosions are created by Lego blocks flying all over the place with Lego smoke and fire covering the scene. One point of consistency that was greatly appreciated is that each master builder constructs objects particular to their world. For example Batman can easily construct a Batmobile or Batplane. Like many movies today this one was made using the new polarized 3D technique. Only a few films have managed to incorporate the illusion of depth properly eschewing the propensity to 3D gimmicks that forcibly remind the audience why they are wearing those special glasses. The 3D here is natural, adding a strange sense of realism as if you are truly in a world where Legos are imbued with life. You are completely pulled then this experience and no matter what your age happen to be you’re going to enjoy yourself greatly. Once again an animated film manages to trump the majority of live-action movies that it competed with that the Cineplex. There are many little inside jokes especially when the real world of the ‘Man Upstairs’ clashes with the legal world. What might’ve come across as a contrivance is easily viewed as natural and realistic. This is entirely due to the expertise and imagination of the creative mind behind this movie. Almost immediately after its release this film has become a cherished classic that will hold a special place with families for many years to come.

bulletfeature commentary
bulletBatman: A True Artist
bulletMichelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops
bulletEnter the Ninjago
bulletBringing LEGO® to Life
bullet"Everything is Awesome" Sing-Along
bulletSee it! Build it!
bulletStories from the Story Team
bulletFan-Made Films: Top Secret Submissions
bulletAdditional Promotional Content
bulletAlleyway Test
bulletDeleted Scenes
bulletPLUS Dream Job: Meet The LEGO® Builders

N.B. due to a dispute instigated by Amazon, they are not taking orders for most DVD and Blu-ray releases issued by Warner Brothers. unfortunately this action will have the most deleterious affect on the people that keep Amazon in business; the customers.  'The Lego Movie' is one of the titles affected. Don't let this deny you the opportunity to enjoy this remarkable film. you can get the 3D version on Vudu as streaming video or, Wal-Mart has a price comparable to Amazon and realistic shipping prices.

Posted 06/05/2014

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