Lost Book of Nostradamus
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Lost Book of Nostradamus

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Throughout the history of mankind there has been a fascination with the future. People have always sought to look into the future to discern what will happen. Even in our technological society the practice of divination is present. Whether it is a fortune cookie, horoscope, Ouija board or a Magic Eight Ball people want to know what has yet to occur. Some even look at ancient predictions to try to find a reason or plan that would explain the many wars and tragedies throughout history. There are many people who make the claim that they can push back the veil of time and see the future but one name stands above the rest, Nostradamus. The man lived in France in the early 1500’s but his legend is now known throughout most of the world. Some may think he was a true seer. Others may feel that he was just a man who made a lot of ambiguous predications and got lucky with some. Another group may explain his trance like predictions as a side effect of either an organic medical problem or perhaps some pharmacologic enhancement. Which ever camp you belong to the man has had a real effect on millions of people. The History Channel takes another look at the man, the myths and the facts with their documentary, ‘Lost Book of Nostradamus’. With their usual mixture of entertainment and facts the History Channel probes the predictions of this man and how they may relate to historical events.

In 1503 a man named Michel de Nostredame was born. He would come to be known but the more familiar spelling of Nostradamus. In 1555 he published his best known work, Les Propheties which has been read constantly throughout the many centuries. Today this name is synonymous with prophecy. People send years pouring over every little detail of his book to try to glean and understanding of the past and a glimpse of the future. In 1994 an Italian journalist, Enza Massa, was doing research in the Italian National Library in Rome. Much to her surprise and delight she happened upon a tome that it authenticated would be a rare historical find. The book was titled ‘Nostradamus Vatinicia Code’ and signed by the author, Michel de Nostredame. Within the cryptic codex were strange written images accompanied by some 80 watercolor paintings. The warnings contained within were so blasphemous and frightening that this work may have been purposely suppressed for all these centuries. If true this was a key to understanding when and how the world would end.

Recent years has seen almost unprecedented increase in terrorism, wars, new diseases and natural disasters. Man is on the brink of destruction on a scale that is almost impossible to conceive. Peter Lemesurier, a scholar who has examined the works of Nostradamus for years states that there is no one who can measure up to this man. Scarlett Rose, a Metaphysical writer expresses the claim that no on has taken divination and prophecy to the heights of Nostradamus. Among his many believed correct predictions are the great London fire of 1666, Napoleon III and Adolph Hitler. His career as a seer started relatively late in life. Starting in 1550 he published an annual almanac and soon came to the attention of the queen of France, Catherine de Medici, wife of Henry II. His name became well known throughout Europe. In more recent years there is a belief that his predictions included the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, global warming and the new deadly diseases. When the experts on this mysterious man found out that there may be a lost book they were elated. The chance to decipher new text and images from the famous seer was a chance of a life time.

One of the most ‘startling’ paintings in the lost book is that of the burning tower. He depicts a great tower with flames pouring out of the top and through the windows. Researchers look at this painting comment that the flames are not those of a building on fire, they are shooting out of the structure as if an explosion was responsible. Of course there was only one tower shown in the painting so there is a bit of doubt possible. If two towers were shown a lot more people would become believers. Those that do believe relate this image to quatrain IV:66 which speaks about seven saboteurs or revolutionaries. Part of some translations includes the phrase ‘under the false guise of faith’. This leads people to connect this drawing to the radical religious doctrine of the terrorist who brought down the twin towers. Also included in the verses that purportedly foretell this tragedy is quatrain I:87 which speaks of a central fire that will cause trembling in the ‘new city’. The translation used in the special refers to a ‘world center’ but a quick search of numerous online translations will yield different wordings.

Many of those interviewed for this special express the opinion that the reason for the paintings is simple. The predictions were so extreme that if they were expressed clearly Nostradamus would have been in danger. In his day saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could prove to be fatal. The prophecies seem to cover an approximately four hundred year span beginning in the 1700’s and extending to the twenty-first century. If this is correct we should see the realization of many of the predictions expressed in the lost book. Some of the most vivid images in this lost book show the loss of political power of the Church. This would be a good reason to hide the work and for believers the fulfillment of the prediction points to the validation of those prophecies yet to occur. Other predictions included the identification of the anti-Christ, assassination of political figures and various wars that have broken out.

If the content of a prediction are vague enough some world events will occur that will match some of the details provided. Hind sight is twenty-twenty and many people feel that the events were matched to the prophecies after the fact. For others the specific details are plain and obvious. They are sure there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Nostradamus was gifted far beyond normal abilities. Whatever side you happen to be on this documentary will fascinate you. Typical of anything the History Channel this show is extremely well done. There is the usual mixture of talking head experts and reenactments that bring you back in time. The experts range from scholars who have studied Nostradamus and his works for decades in a scientific context. There are also those whose approach is more on the metaphysical side of the issues. Included is Enza Massa, the woman who discovered the lost book. Keep and open mind and watch this show and decide for yourself whether Nostradamus was the real deal or not. In any case you will be highly entertained and informed.

Posted 10/23/07

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