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Love Actually

Traditionally there are two types of movies that are nearly universally approved for production without any major concern for how insipid the plot may be; romantic comedies and holiday and holiday flicks. Your executives are studio executives of well aware that you people in general audience are going to question the aerodynamics of reindeer the precise cascade of coincidences that bring people together despite all delete odds and you Mr. antagonistic feelings mutually held by the principal characters of the story. Back in 2003 a British made the satisfied both criteria occupying the hybrid genre of Christmas rom-com; ‘Love Actually’. Took about a dozen years but they finally got around to release a Blu-ray edition sparking another round of reviews. At least it provides some respite from the large number television series sets in anticipation of the upcoming seasons and some early releases of summer blockbusters giving up for the upcoming holiday season.

In any case I did not get an opportunity to review this movie back in DVD release so the Blu-ray edition provided a nice change of pace. While not a hot ticket film on its own merits, it does manage to provide a sufficient degree of lighthearted comedy to help offset the fatigue from summer and rest up for the oncoming seasonal madness. Decided to general genres mentioned above this qualifies yet another aspect of categorization; multithreaded tapestry. There were no less than 10 individual love stories considered here that all managed to somehow become entwined to reduce the overall story.

There’s an added degree of difficulty for a filmmaker to juggle with this many individual storylines but, as mentioned this is a British crafted film which means that it was a very talented group of individuals on both sides of the camera, each one well-versed in the intricate zaniness that is never mastered quite as well is running British hands. As for the cast American audiences to be quite familiar with many of them, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Emma Thompson are each well-known on both sides of the pond loneliness of award nominations citing your exceptional talents. The same for by no means the exhaustive list of the people scattered among the ten stories that comprise the entirety of this movie. As for screenwriter/director we have a master class artisan in both fields; Richard Curtis. Unless you are really a fan of BBC television exports and British film you might not recognize this name but you certainly should investigate it now. He has worked extensively with one of the best-known and funniest British comedians, Rowan Atkinson. Email I have a cameo part as a jeweler in this film along with Mr. Curtis they have crafted such ordinarily uniquely funny characters as Mr. Bean all the many incarnations of the transgenerational comic historical figure collectively known as Blackadder. If you’re not familiar with this series get online immediately in order to complete or season set of it. Between Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Curtis you will find yourself in such of laughter you may require intervention and oxygen.

Initial introduction to the field that will serve as the connective tissue binding the ten somewhat separate what stories is provided by a voiceover by David (Hugh Grant). Just as Ishmael goes to the sea when he fears responded by the affairs of the world, David likes to go to Heathrow airport, particularly the arrivals terminal. There he can witness a lot of pure and uncomplicated form, this busy section of the crowded international Airport is the ideal setting to begin spending each of the threads helping to bind them together.

Billy Mack and Joe

Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) is a rock ‘n roll icon in the world of rock ‘n roll. He is past his zenith of his popularity and hopes to revive portion of releasing a cover of The Troggs' classic hit "Love Is All Around", with an arrangement that makes it a Christmas song. With the help of the manager was been with him for most of his career, Joe (Gregor Fisher), the song does manage to top Christmas charts despite the fact that is really bad. Billy Mack decides that this song hitting number one deserves a celebration and arranges to have one at the home of Sir Elton John. He could not help but to notice that his friend Joe is unable to get into the proper celebratory mood so Billy Mack suggest they spend the holiday getting drunk and watching pornography.

Juliet, Peter, and Mark

Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) have just tied the knot in a joyful ceremony. Recording these cherished memories is Peter’s best friend was been serving as best man. Peter had extracted a promise from Mark not to go overboard with any of the plans for their writing. Although his friend Dorothy agrees to the condition as a newlywed couple walking down the aisle a band and choir suddenly appear singing, "all you need is love". Both of the newlyweds share the opinion that Mark somehow dislikes Juliet. As it turns out Mark was distancing himself from Juliet because of the strong feelings of love and caring for her. On Christmas Eve he goes to the door and as a husband is inside, Julia stands at the door as Mark, boom box playing, flips very large cue cards that professes his love for her.

Jamie and Aurélia by his girlfriend

Jamie (Colin Firth) is a writer finds himself coerced into attending wedding by his girlfriend (Sienna Guillory). The credits do not actually provide a name for this young woman it should be safe to say that she is not the love interest involved in this segment. As it turns out, the wedding Jamie is pressed to attend is that of Juliet and Peter reinforcing the role of that particular plot thread as one central to the still building tapestry. Despite her insistence on attending the wedding, the girlfriend claims to feel ill and wants to go to rest over beat him later at the reception. Just before the reception Jamie decides to check on his girlfriend only to see much of a surprise, his brother (Dan Fredenburgh). His comment as to the presence of his brother is short-lived however and his girlfriend coursed down to his brother that she thinks this time to have sex a few more times before having to go to the reception. Betrayed and devastated, he seeks refuge in a cottage he owns in France. There he meets the housekeeper, Aurélia (Lúcia Moniz), who could only speak Portuguese, a language that Jamie has no knowledge of whatsoever. They do manage to muster up some means of communication and discovering that they are compatible in many ways are attracted to each other. Upon his return to England he realizes that reconciliation with his girlfriend is not a possibility which leads him to realize what he feels for Aurélia is indeed love. The pastors returned to France by taking a crash course in learning Portuguese.

Harry, Karen, and Mia

Harry (Alan Rickman), works at a successful graphic design agency as the managing director. Harry is comfortably married to his Karen (Emma Thompson), the wife and mother of their children. The stability of that relationship is about to be put to the test. Harry’s new secretary Mia (Heike Makatsch) is constantly flirtatious sexualizing whatever circumstance is at hand. Harry finds is uncomfortable with this in most is that he is turned on by this disaster nothing to dissuade her of the practice. This segment relies upon one of the oldest tropes for Christmas comedy getting an expensive gift, this case an expensive necklace infused with a cheap gift, the Joni Mitchell CD, confused giving the inappropriate gift to his wife.

David and Natalie

The convenient thing about using the wedding has the Nexus for so many controlling stories that this really more than one or 2 degrees of separation between the characters. Karen's brother, David (Hugh Grant), has recently been elected as Prime Minister is still in the process of relocating to 10 Downing Street. He finds himself attracted to one of the junior household staff, Natalie (Martine McCutcheon). Almost immediately David has to admit to himself that his encounters with Natalie of the best parts of his day. During a state visit by the President of the United States ((Billy Bob Thornton), the President make some sexualized comments about the body. David is called the raid the president alone with Natalie was there to serve the visiting head of state tea and biscuits upon his return he is outraged by fighting the President in a compromising position and Natalie quite ashamed. Shall we say that the president did not receive the unconditional support of his policies yet expected.

Daniel, Sam, Joanna, and Carol

One of Karen’s friends, Daniel (Liam Neeson), recently widowed and understandably still in mourning for his wife Joanna. Daniel was trying his best to raise his late wife’s son, Sam (Thomas Sangster). Daniel tried to be as supportive as possible to his stepson. As to be expected, particularly in a romantic film, Sam is romantically drawn to one of his classmates, Joanna (Olivia Olson). Daniel’s advice is for Sam to learn how to play the drums in order to accompany Joanna for the big final number in the school’s Christmas pageant. This goal is not achieved Daniel urges Sam to catch up with Joanna before she goes to the airport to return home to the States.

Sarah, Karl, and Michael

Another wedding guest, Sarah (Laura Linney), is an American working at Henry’s graphic design firm. For years she has secretly carry a torch for firm’s director of creativity, Karl (Rodrigo Santoro). Although the feelings were reciprocated neither one was willing to act first in order to initiate the relationship. They finally managed to make a connection at the Christmas party for the firm as Karl office to drive Sarah home. Finally, the long-awaited first kiss occurs only to be interrupted by a phone call from Sarah’s brother Michael (Michael Fitzgerald), a patient in the residential mental health facility. With the mood broken, both feel that little is to be gained from trying to move the relationship forward. However, both wound up working late on Christmas Eve, but once again he is back to being unable to express his feelings.

Colin, Tony, and the American girls

There is always one young man who views a wedding reception as a sexual safari to stork his next conquest. That brings us to Colin Frissell (Kris Marshall). He tries unsuccessfully to hit on Mia and when the guest roster is unreceptive he moves on to the caterer delete Nancy (Julia Davis). Despondent over the local pool of suitably available young women, Colin relates his plan to his best friend Tony (Abdul Salis); the hunt to the United States. He is certain is British accent were given a distinct advantage over the local young men. As soon as Curtis lands in Milwaukee he strikes up a conversation with three young American women, Stacey (Ivana Miličević), Jeannie (January Jones), and Carol-Anne (Elisha Cuthbert). As he had hoped they are quite impressed with his accent and invite him to stay at Their Pl., Colin is introduced to the fourth roommate, Harriet (Shannon Elizabeth). This section reminded me of the old American television show on ABC, ‘Love American-Style’

John and Judy

One of the oddest segments that permeate film is that of John (Martin Freeman) and Judy (Joanna Page). Their professional body felt was used in films for scenes that the stars are reluctant to engage in. They meet during the production of a film where Tony is a production assistant. John and Judy were hired to simulate a sex scene. John finds it very nice that he is able to talk so comfortably with Judy and although the two are able to be professionally comfortable being naked and simulating sex onset once the camera stopped rolling and the lights are off the become quite shy. They take moving into a relationship quite slowly


Rufus is the jewelry salesman whose obsessive-compulsive attention to detail is what caused the delay repeaters purchase of a gift. The part of Rufus is played by one of the true comic geniuses ever to come from the British Isles, Rowan Atkinson. One of the most influential comedians not only of his home Britain but throughout the world, Sir Rowan can elicit more laps in a cameo appearance that many comedians can do with a featured role. His innovative style and great influenced on a generation of comedians has been recognized by commodity bestowing upon him the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. While this participation is not one of romantic threats comprising the main story is contribution does result in Karen discovering a fiancé was buying an expensive present for another woman.

There was an epilogue that takes place a month later which provides a peek into the status of the relationships to the audience. It will make this quality would never leave the audience having to contend with so many loose ends.

Posted 09/09/2015

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