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Entertainment has surely come a long way, especially in the last few decades. Not only have the incredible advances in technology committee bringing things previously only available in the imagination realistically to the audience, but there has been major changes in the sociology behind the scenes. Entertainment has always been subdivided among numerous lines of demarcation. One of the most classic is the division between what is suitable for adults and what is acceptable for children. Until not too long ago children features were was just that; specifically designed and marketed towards the youngest members of the family. At that time any story based on a comic book or fairytale automatic consign the film into this category. Now, as these films are able to reach a broader audience, satisfying the expectations of all age groups, the box office has reached, in the best cases, billions in revenue. With the resulting explosion in budget, the very best writers, directors and performers are attracted to these projects. Special effects firms capable of bringing virtually any idea a person might have into a startling realistic image on the screen. A recent movie about super powered mutants the cast included a couple of Knights (Officer of the Order of the British Empire), and the collection of Academy award winners that would make any director green with envy. Ideal example of this trend is the film sitting here, ‘Maleficent’. In incredibly evil sorceress was been an iconic villainess in popular culture since 1959. As the main antagonist and in one of the most popular members of the much lauded Disney animated canon, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Now she is more into a live-action film employing the talents of an Academy award winner for Best Actress, Angelina Jolie.

You might this film utilizes a technique that is literally as older storytelling itself, the elder narrator (Janet McTeer), concerning a powerful member of fay royalty, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie). With exceptional supernatural powers far beyond those of any of the fairy folk, Maleficent’s realm was located in Moors that boarded land of the human ruled by a human King. In her youth, Maleficent (Isobelle Molloy) fell in love with a member of the human Royal family, Stefan (Michael Higgins), but he was far too ambitious with the desire to eventually be seated on the throne. As the years, moved on, Stefan’s interest steadily diminished to be stopped visiting her altogether. The old adage "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Undoubtedly true, it cannot begin to describe the situation when the woman is a powerful member of the fairy’s elite. When the human King dispatches his troops across the moor, we handily defeated by the evil sorceress. The key issues a proclamation that anyone who kills Maleficent will be named his successor. Stefan seizes the opportunity to use his formal relationship with to his best advantage. Under the ruse of wanting her of the king’s edict, Stefan goes to Maleficent, subduing her with the drug. He finds himself unable to actually go through with killing her, but using and iron in blade, harmful to all fairies, he cuts off her wings to present to the king as proof of his accomplishing the murder is claiming his reward. If you think scorning a fay queen is detrimental to your health, try mutilating one. Maleficent, even more filled with hate than usual, employed the services of a raven, Diaval (Sam Riley), in order to spy on the human kingdom. Years passed, but eventually the bird has some useful news. Stefan is crowned as king in a few years later calls for a festival to celebrate the baptism of his firstborn child, the Princess Aurora. Unexpected and quite uninvited, the dark green of the Moors crashes the proceedings in order to curse the child. On her 16th birthday Aurora ventricular finger on a spinning wheel and form into a deathlike sleep. The pleading of a formal over results in one provision of the curse; it can be broken by true loves kiss. Seeking to protect his daughter, the King sends her off under the protection of three pixies; Knotgrass (Imelda Staunton), Flittle (Lesley Manville) and Thistlewit (Juno Temple), until that fateful day arrives. The princesses always had a feeling that she had been watched her entire life, until when she’s 15, Aurora (Elle Fanning), is visited by ‘fairy godmother’, Maleficent in in disguise. As she gets to know the young girl, her attitude towards her softens bringing her to regret the curse, but because she put the clause, "no power on earth they break this curse". Aurora does meet a suitable candidate for curse breaking, Prince Philip (Brenton Thwaites), but there is little time for the relationship to go very far. Despite her change of heart, Maleficent is unable to change the young girl’s fate. On her 16th birthday, Maleficent takes Aurora way into the Moors to protect them from any chance encounter with a spindle. Unfortunately, the pixies intervene in upon telling the Princess of her true heritage and the identity of a godmother, Aurora runs off to a father. Despite being locked away the curse urges her to the basement where she finds a spinning wheel in and the irresistible pull of its sharp spindle.

This is not the first real-life appearance of Maleficent in recent years. Like an increasing number of Disney characters. She has appeared in their hit television series ‘Once upon a Time’, which is help to reignite a more dramatically intense view of the stories we all grew up with. As a ‘House of Mouse’ production is just another example of the studios continued domination of family oriented entertainment. Since it’s their world and we only pay to watch it, they are free to make whatever changes they want in the storyline of updating it reimagining it with a darker tone than the original. In the animated feature, this character quickly established herself as one of the most recognizable villainess in popular culture. To bring has successfully to a live-action movie required the skillful blend of two elements; seamless special effects and performers able to bring out the subtle nuances required to tell this story. With the use of prostatic a computer-generated imagery, the special-effects wizards were able to transform classic beautiful features of Ms. Jolie into the living embodiment of the animated counterpart. She has played such a variety of roles in her career, running the gamut from desperate mother to hedonistic model. In that time, Ms. Jolie has honed her skills to the point that she can make you believe any character she chooses to portray. In this instance, you will believe not only in Maleficent, but in the world she lives in. What is most amazing about her makeup and costume is despite the elaborately current horns of a headdress in the unnaturally chiseled cheekbones, a face is not only readily recognizable fully able to convey expressions crucial to adding a human element to it in human character. A young costar, Elle Fanning, has rightfully stepped out from the shadow of her older sister Dakota, creating her own burgeoning career. Ms. Fanning has been carefully selecting small independent roles in select appearances and choice television series. The result has been a talent that has been consistently growing and maturing. She has also had the opportunity to work opposite some of the truly great people in her profession and like her sister, has absorbed the experiences adding them to work repertoire. For some reason, the domestic release omitted the 3-D effects, making the movie available in standard Blu-ray and DVD. As is happening more frequently, you can obtain the full 3-D addition of the film through video streaming services such as Vudu. I’ve even found a reasonably priced import that is region free. After watching the standard release, I treated myself to the 3-D variation. I have no idea whatsoever why this was not part of the initial domestic release. The film makes stunning use of the illusion of depth, really using any gimmicks, but relying on the added dimension to heighten the reality drawing you firmer than ever into this world.

bulletFrom Fairy Tale To Feature Film
bulletBuilding An Epic Battle
bulletAurora: Becoming A Beauty.
bulletClassic Couture Malificent Revealed
bulletDeleted Scenes:
bulletStefan in King’s Chamber
bulletPixies Seek Asylum
bulletDiaval Asks About The Curse

Posted 11/02/2014

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