Opposite of Sex
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Opposite of Sex

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If you are considering Opposite of Sex because you liked cast members in other movies, forgetaboutit. This movie is a large departure for most of the stars. Director Don Roos has assembled a familiar cast in a most unfamiliar movie. Christina Ricci is no longer little Wednesday Addams. She has grown not only into a beautiful young woman but a talented actress. Her character narrates this drama and she sums herself up well, "I don't have a heart of gold and I don't get one later". She visits her half brother to get away from home and moves in with him and his gay lover. She then proceeds to steal the young man from her brother. Added to this fray Lisa Kudrow (in a more serious role than I ever have seen her) as the young man's sister and we have a drama that is full of twists and turns. Word about some Oscar nominations did not come to pass but her performance surely deserved one. The DVD is transferred very well. No noticeable dropouts and the sound comes across as realistic. Get it and enjoy it!

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