Outlander: Season 1 pt.2
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Outlander: Season 1 pt.2

‘Outlander’ is my vote grant television series that is part of the original programming of an American premium cable channel that originally started as a movie network that has the look and feel of something important from BBC. The settlement statement to make is the reason the series is most frequently mistaken as an important his attention to details in every aspect set design to character development. Submitting to the current trend in American television the first season was divided into two parts creating something called the midseason finale. It is insufficient to have a dramatic cliffhanger at the end of the season, is currently a standard practice to spend a series, no matter how brief it may be, to artificially include a suspenseful moment at the point when the audience has barely begun the audience has scarcely had enough time to become emotionally invested with the characters. Still after only eight episodes of the first season of Outlander had barely begun, main heroine, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) found herself once again abducted in imminent danger of rape. What is unusual, to the point of being said, is that this is the type of series that is capable of quickly attracting a very loyal fan base that would readily accept the midseason hiatus in stride. The network was so certain that the fans were immediately so loyal that in the collector’s edition of part one contained an empty space to be filled later by the complementary season one part two Blu-ray release. Although her case may be made for midseason break as a means to heighten suspense akin to the way magazines would serialize novels, there’s indubitably a financial motive behind his practice. Many contracts for popular television series have clauses that provide for increases to the major cast members for each season. By calling something a second part that of the second season avoids this pump. Studios also are able to charge a full season price for both parts. In the fermentation of this the Starz network apparently used the time wisely. A very realistically portrayed period piece such as this requires a much longer time for preparation and shooting that original series. There is one undeniable fact about this show is that is a further example is networks dedication to an authentic look for this series.

Back at the conclusion of the first part of our unwilling intrepid time traveler, Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), has accepted her reality of living in this violent past and has just married ‘Jamie’ MacKenzie Fraser (Sam Heughan) remembers her promise to return to the Standing Stones and a promise she’s made to the husband in 1945, Frank (Tobias Menzies). Back in that time period Frank has been tormented "disappearance but finally coming to grips with the reality of. He is decides to go to the stones one last time to say goodbye. In the past Claire accepting her predicament by getting married returns to the stones for one final goodbye touch in keeping with the promise he made two centuries hence. At the two of them managed to trust installments in the respective times Claire would import back to native time. Unfortunately, just as the fateful event was about to unfold, she is apprehended by the testily golden of this story, Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), pushing the potential for the moment.

The series relies heavily upon many sociological differences 200 years had wrought. This is evident when a charm of ill fortune is down under the marriage bed. This superstitious artifact provided sufficient cause long brewing animosities to ignite. Immediately believes it to be Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson) behind the cowardly act but after openly accusing him she discovers that his close friend, Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek). Realizing that Black Jack is behind all the treachery, Jamie approaches the Duke of Sandringham to bolster his own forces finally all the plans of the interference from Black Jack. One of the most intense elements of the series is the delicate diplomacy that prevents the various clans from engaging in all-out warfare.

Half of the season is even more visually stunning in the first what makes the grand vistas of the Highlands even more spectacular juxtaposition to the many dank and even claustrophobic conditions that are typical of even the best accommodations of the time. In many cases it is very difficult to imagine just how far we have come technologically. The dependence on holistic healing techniques and primitive techniques of medicine once appreciation for just how dangerous life was a mere few hundred years ago. Even with class abilities as an exceptionally well trained and experienced battlefield nurse may be far beyond the treatments available so far in the past but they are still woefully primitive compared to what could be done for the injured today.

The series continues to amaze on so many levels. The music is so ideally scored imagery that the audience is enfolded in the past. This makes it relatively simple to identify with Claire and her predicament. We would experience a similar chronological displacement if we were forced to live under the conditions of whole life in 1945. To be centuries removed from that would require accommodating with the lack of fundamental understanding of medicine but would plunge a modern viewer into a social setting of unimaginable prejudiced and misogyny compared to our own. There’ve been many series on television depicting the Royal courts of England centuries ago. They are filled with pageantry and grand accoutrements so far removed from the people the government beneficial so amazingly reveals the Scottish are much more robust hearted people with the leaders could suffer and die alongside the kinsman animosities boil over into right aggression. This is a look through a portal into a much more brutal period of time. You should expect nothing less from something that comes from the amazingly fertile mind of Roger D Moore. Although perhaps best known for his science-fiction endeavors such as the most outstanding example of rebooting a TV show with ‘Battle Star Galactica’ for his contributions to most of the shows that collectively form Star Trek: Next-Generation universe, he has a bill earned reputation for being a man concerned with the most minute details of any project he is working on. Within the context of his science-fiction works on RDM has created complete and consistent worlds to use the stages for his exceptionally humanized characters. This is true that this individual is a master of not only time as he re-creates the lives of a strong and vibrant people willing to go to any measure for the honor. For Claire she is learning to make the best of a unique situation being unstuck in time, trapped among our ancestors. While I do hope they bring season to is all consecutive episodes I’m quite certain that I’m going to enjoy it as immensely as I did this bifurcated first season.

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Posted 09/28/2015

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