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The romantic comedy is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres the movies. Usually considered ideal for a date night, the cast inevitably includes a handsome leading man for the ladies in a costar attractive enough to keep the men watching. The female section of the audience can get into the romantic aspects while their dates can be amused by the absurdist, frequently physical comedy that is utilized to advance the story. There’s almost always a happy ending, so as to negate any potential suspense as to the outcome. One element of the wrong calm that you have to give it credit for is its ability to keep up with the times. A theme such as a man and woman falling in love as anonymous pen pals only to meet in real life and dislike each other, was updated many years later to acknowledge the popularity of email. One of the staples of the rom com has been the compromising situation, in flagrante. While in the past either a personal account one explicit photographs would be used to continue the threat of exposure throughout the course of the story. In the aptly named film, ‘Sex Tape’, the plot contrivances are derived from a recently popularized selling point for electronic equipment. Now with the push of a button you can send your photographs or self-made videos to every device you a link to, regardless of its current owner. Then there is the ever present and mysterious too many, ‘The Cloud’. This amorphous means of storage can be used for personal items remaining under your control, or if you don’t know what you’re doing, can be easily sent for the entire world’s to view. The misunderstanding and often exaggerated misuse of this storage convenience finds itself as the driving force behind this flick. Very recently, the cloud storage system had been hacked bringing images of very famous people, sans clothing, into the possession of less than morally inclined people. One little fact of life here; naked pictures and sex tapes are going to get out, particularly if your celebrity, or one theme that such by the tabloid media. If you have to do it, DVD burners now come as standard equipment on most computers. With the exception of physical theft, they should remain rather secure.

Jay (Jason Segel) and his wife, Annie (Cameron Diaz) have been happily married for a number of years. In the early stages of their relationship, but after two children the spirit may still be willing but there were fewer and fewer opportunities to actually engage in the act. There’s got to the point where they even tried the afternoon talks how favorite of making an appointment to for intimacy hen, one night when the children out of the house, the anxious and sexually frustrated couple conclude that this is the ideal time to rekindle the romantic embers. They come up with an idea to make a sex tape of themselves covering every position noted in the Joys of Sex. After the marathon has been completed, and actual coherent thought went through their minds; erase the recording. Instead, not being the most tech savvy person, Jay inadvertently uploads the recording to a group of iPads that he received as a result of his job as a DJ and about as presents. What ensues is this point is the usual mischief and mayhem that fans of the genre have come to expect. Jay and Annie find themselves in a number of awkward predicaments as they do everything they can think of in order to recover the iPads containing this salacious video. In an attempt to infuse a touch of variety to the segment of the story, the iPads in question had been distributed not only to close friends but to several strangers. One such individual in the latter category is Hank (Rob Lowe), an Internet entrepreneur were shown an interest in buying and is homemaker blog. When they show up at his mansion, the iPad is still in its leather case, apparently not opened. Quite obvious that while constructing the screenplay. Instructions were given from the executives to create characters that can be used for casting a few notable faces. The consideration as the motivation or even a modicum of reality was not stressed. We have no idea why and he would give a gift like this to Hank, with the possible exception of currying favor with him and his interest in purchasing the rights to the blog. This section winds up having Jay fleeing from Hanks guard dog, and irate German shepherd, eventually getting into an altercation with the beast. While Jay is fighting tooth and claw, Annie is inside with Hank vacuuming up a considerable amount of cocaine. It is fantasy home. Members of the audience able to recall tabloid headlines from many years ago, might recall that Rob Lowe had a highly publicized incident with a similar type of video back in 1989.

In another clandestine incursion would be embarrassed couple, they visit their best friends, Robbie (Rob Corddry) and his wife, Tess (Ellie Kemper). In this case, the couple does view the video in question and wind up steaming up a few windows themselves. But even after they managed to collect all of these contrived plot coupons, the dilemma is far from over. The son of one of their neighbors manages to get a hold of the video and use it to blackmail Jay and Annie. If he doesn’t receive $25,000 immediately he will upload the video to an amateur sex photography site. Although within the construction of the story almost no realistic understanding of the Internet is displayed, even at the most rudimentary level, and actual porn site name was used. This might be an indication of the scope of the perceived target audience acumen regarding the Internet is limited to some adult entertainment sites. Even a person with an iota of understanding would be able to enumerate the plot holes contained in this story, resulting in a list that could rival the length of the actual script. Unfortunately, the couple does not have that amount of money relatively liquid so they find the only option that remains viable is to break into the headquarters of the porn site and destroy the servers. Once again, failure remains the only option.

The real shame of this film is that it failed to live up to its potential. While the premise is overly simplistic and ultimately implausible, these have never been factors disqualify the romantic comedy from being truly funny improperly showcasing the talents of its cast. In this instance, the cast is incredible, even considering many actors were included more for their box office draw ability when listed in the credits than for their well noted exceptional talents. The structure of the film appears to attempt some continuity when it may have done better if formally divided into several vignettes, each self-contained, but strung together by the central theme. What the movie falls into is a loose collection of scenes each potentially containing a joke that has been spliced together until an appropriate running time has been reached.

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Posted 10/27/2014

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