Shameless: Season 5
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Shameless: Season 5

Family life has always been a favorite premise for television series. In the 1950s audiences wanted to see the reflection in television families. Actually didn’t want to see their exact reflection but rather an idealized one for any problems that might arise could be easily resolved before the last commercial break. These are the days of the nuclear family where the father ran off each morning to some sort of withdrawal while the mother stated home caring for the children. There was usually a manageable number of a teenage son and/or daughter in one grade school child to provide the adorable factor the family required. The number of children was much larger the all managed to pull together to keep the families really on track. Most notable example of this was ‘Eight Is Enough’. The Gallagher family portrayed in the Showtime series ‘Shameless’, we only have six children when they get in trouble they’re more likely to wind up in the police station rather than the principal’s office. Indubitably part of the appeal of the series is no matter how arduous your family life may be you almost certain to be better off than this Chicago-based brood. The Blu-ray and DVD of the fifth season has just been released and is an ideal way to catch up on his most dysfunctional family before season six commences. There are many reasons why this series is so successful including magnificent writing, incredible performances exceptionally precise direction. Pervading all of the individual components that make up the TV show is one all-important factor; the show has heart. Every one of the Gallagher’s is flawed to some extent or another to in the situation becomes desperate, an occurrence that happens quite frequently, they do manage to pull together only be described as family pride. Above all the writers have made sure that relationships and personalities of the principal characters of the series I dynamic always changing, keeping the series fresh and robust.

It seems that every time the family gets one step ahead they manage to slide two steps back. The tragedy of this is that inevitably a portion of the misfortune is due to their bad decisions and lots of control. A prime example would be less season hen eldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum), managed to get a great office job not only began a romantic relationship with her boss, Mike Pratt (Jake McDorman) but she had a very tawdry affair with his brother Robbie (Nick Gehlfuss). In order to understand the motivation behind season five it is necessary to just recap the more pivotal occurrences in the previous season. Bobby gives Fiona some cocaine as a birthday gift which she flatly refuses. Unfortunately no one got rid of the drugs and during a house party the youngest, Liam (Brenden Sims) ingested drugs and has to be hospitalized. She is arrested in Dallas set of the hundred thousand dollars of course they can’t pay. Mike posts a bail. As just one of many examples of always making bad decisions he on the ones of partying with Robbie which violates the parole and she receives a sentence of 90 days in jail. Thankfully, due to overcrowding she only has to serve more portion of the time. The parole officer does set her up with a job at Patsy's Pie diner which she still has a season five begins.

At this point faithful fans are asking themselves what else intelligent, attractive and motivated young woman do to completely screw up a life? The answer is every father’s nightmare as Fiona impulsively marries a Gus Pfender (Steve Kazee), the bass player for Jezebel, a local indie rock band, She met him at the diner where she was working but once again Fiona, supposedly the most responsible the Gallagher clan cheats on her new husband with Jimmy Lishman (Justin Chatwin), a boyfriend from the very first season was a car thief, concealed his true identity from her and had a green card marriage the drug lord’s daughter. Not only is it the nadir of ill-fated choices to cheat on her new husband but to go back to someone who is currently betrayed takes Fiona tragic young woman making bad choices to someone who is in serious emotional and psychological issues.

The Gallagher family does not have the monopoly on bad choices. Her closest friend, Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) has been on quite a few of her own. Sensibly a nurse’s aide providing eldercare, Veronica is to go to person for minor injuries and a number of drugs. Her husband, Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) worked as a bartender with a local gin mill, The Alibi Room. When the owner dies the bar is passed to Kevin but his joy of ownership is short-lived when he finds out that the business is drowning in debt. In order to keep afloat he rents out the back room of the ball to a sleazy neighbor populates it with Russian prostitutes to provide quick and cheap hand jobs. Naturally, it was only a matter of time until the police raid the place giving Kevin and Veronica even more problems to deal with.

The patriarch of this family, Frank (William H. Macy) is dying from acute liver failure. Fiona has completely separated herself from any dealings with her father not caring about problems since a life of drug abuse and alcoholism destroyed his liver. He does manage to somehow receive a directed donation that saves his life. The only one of his children who remains close to Frank is Carl (Ethan Cutkosky). Right from his introduction season one Carl has been more than a bit of trouble. He is easily manipulated particularly by Frank at one point convinces the boy that he has cancer and wanted to scam a Make-A-Wish foundation. Although not always explicitly shown the audience has no doubt that Carl is severely damaged psychologically displaying several predictive factors associated with the serial killer; pyromania and torturing animals. In season five it is determined that Carl is bipolar. For more intimate knowledge of his behavior afforded to the audience this appears to be a dangerously mild misdiagnosis. Carl is obsessed with death, weapons, explosives and inflicting pain. In this season Carl becomes involved with some serious criminal behavior he gets a job that consists of transporting his sizable quantity of heroin from Chicago to Michigan. After asking Frank for advice Carl decides to do peers nephew Chucky (Kellen Michael), the son of Frank’s previously unknown eldest daughter, Sammi (Emily Bergl), to actually carry the drugs if the duct taping a sizable quantity of the highly impressionable boy’s body Paul accompanies him on the bus to the destination. As soon as Carl notices drug sniffing dogs he abandons Chucky who was arrested. The family’s youngest sister, Debbie (Emma Kenney) has always been the sweetest most caring member of the family. Season four she hit puberty and fell in with the wrong type of friends. They convince her that her life is not complete and that she has a boyfriend and the only way to attract boys to dress like a slut and have sex with them. Matter how hard she tried during season four she was unable to lose her virginity. That changed in this season winding up with her becoming pregnant at 13.

This is about as far away from the cleaver family as possible to get still remain within the boundaries of this galaxy. The show is best categorized as a dark comedy albeit with generous portions of pathos infused in every one of the storylines. Consider the context some of the situations order on the absurd but the writing is so precise in the performances by this exceptionally talented cast so wonderfully textured that you cannot help but to believe the characters and on some level sympathized with them. If nothing else at the end of each episode you will be very prone to offer a silent prayer of thanks that you are not part of this family.

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Posted 12/27/2015

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