Slasher: Season 1
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Slasher: Season 1

Currently there is a greater exchange between television and film than ever before. Nostalgic television series of being made into movies while some movies have this story’s continued on TV. The one genre that would seem to be immune to this fairly obvious reasons is the slasher flick. It’s not so much always inherently gruesome nature, is not only possible to tone things down for television but with the distribution of series broadened to include premium cable channels streaming video services where the traditional regulations restricting content or outside the purview of watchdog agencies. The other barrier in bringing a slasher flick TV was in the traditional paradigm embraced by television that a series had to be sufficiently open-ended that the story could be serialized multiple episodes in multiple seasons. Once again this obstacle has been seriously challenged radical changes in how the networks can serialize a story. There is always the option of the miniseries still exists but has been greatly augmented by the limited series. I like the or five episodes that comprise the miniseries the limited series and have a full 10 to 13 episodes allowing for far greater depth and character development establishing a greater complexity to the situations. The combination of this results in present stories on television that would previously be considered impossible. Some of the first attempts to bring slasher movies the TV. Some of the additional attempts have already been made with TV shows such as ‘Scream Queens’ produced by Fox television and ‘Scream: The Series’. The latest content of the contender comes to us from our neighbor to the north, Canada, the country that is becoming increasingly important mainstream American television. His most recent offering’ Slasher’. It employs a premise that is quite familiar to fans of the movie genre. The young woman returns home despite the fact that he suffered a personal tragedy at the hands of a serial killer. This plot point of a deal killer 2.0 is shared with the above-mentioned series as well. The main difference in the series is that section for execution was always intended to be a psychological thriller, and intended to be an anthology, similar to American Horror Story; each season will be a self-contained story

Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath) and husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) decided to move back to her hometown of Waterbury, Canada. The intent to reside in Sarah’s childhood home which the folks of the town decision to come to is an incredible shock. On October 31, 1988 that their house was broken into her parents both noted. Mother was pregnant with Sarah at the time, the police finally came to the scene they found the murderer holding baby Sarah in his arms; he had literally sliced out mother’s dying body. Shortly after Sarah’s arrival the town is once again plagued by a murder. The all appeared to be committed by the psychopath who murdered Sarah’s family, ‘The Executioner’, who typically dresses in a black court and robe, similar to what a person of that vocation would wear during medieval times. This craze killer is following one of the most popular motifs among serial murderers; he is executing people he has found guilty of one of the seven deadly sins.

In an attempt to understand what is going on Sarah decides to visit the man convicted of killing her parents, Tom Winston (Patrick Garrow). Currently in prison Sarah become the first person to visit during his incarceration. In a video that was made as part of his confession Winston referred to himself as ‘The Lord’s Messenger’, and was sending out to kill the hypocrites of the town that conceal their actual persona under a thin veneer of respectability. He tells Sarah that this new killer, ‘The Executioner’ is also considered himself to be divinely charged with the execution of the wicked. Is offered to help Sarah understand immediately rejected but as the body count increases she finds itself revisiting them in order to better understand the town’s current resident psychopath. This sets up the format for how the series proceed and also validates the decision to implement an anthology style. The seven deadly sins it’s perfectly into a series there will only be eight episodes in length. Since the producers do not have to be concerned with devising some plot contrivance to the storage of the next season the dark exports of The Executioner before the beginning, middle and satisfying conclusion all the single-season. Winston teases Sarah with clues as to where to look to uncover the salacious secrets of people in town that would make them prime targets for the killer much to her shock the first point to the deadly sin of the parents committed; Lust. Following approval given by Princeton Sarah discovers an old camcorder accompanied by illicit sex tapes of her parents. As it turns out her mother, Rachel, had been making sex tapes the husband of a very annoying neighbor, Verna McBride (Mary Walsh), was believed to have killed her own husband.

You are so many facets series holding reminiscent of a good old-fashioned horror movie that I could not open to get a bit nostalgic while viewing. After so many decades of horror movies trying to deplete the world’s supply of stage blood is reassuring to see that there are some creative minds out there that still believe that the best way to scare the audience is not to turn their stomach to get into the recesses of your mind all your childhood fears of stored. The show’s creator and runner, Aaron Martin, most of his resume includes projects American may not have heard of but were nonetheless brilliant. For example; ‘Being Erica’, to show the rental for seasons about the life of a young woman was given the opportunity to reduce certain pivotal times of a life. This series is well worth tracking down if you have to get the complete set in region 2. Having been a fan of that show for many years I’m completely convinced that Mr. Martin is going to have another hit on his hands. Ingenuity and subtleties contained in every episode will keep you on the edge of your seat and paper you don’t have to wait a week for the next episode. Find this series completely binge worthy you find yourself compelled through the entire season.

With the Executioner the audience is provided with truly scary villain. He is an impressive hulking mass of terror is black robe and hood, the face this embodiment of death. This powerful imagery will help get you past some of the examples of tropes being borrowed from other films. The helpful incarcerated serial killer providing clues is directly from the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ franchise in the copycat breeding terror in the next generation has driven a number of famous franchises. It is not so much the ingredients in this offering but the preparation and presentation that actually makes it something advisable to watch.

Posted 07/15/2016

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