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Sons Of Anarchy Complete Series

Currently, a standard aspect of a television network’s business plan is deciding how to handle the conclusion of an exceptionally popular series. In typical fashion, the release of the final season’s Blu-ray/DVD set and if the series had a reasonable number of seasons, a deluxe box set encompassing the complete series as well as some extras. Frequently the material is contained in a special collector’s package. Most avid fans series have undoubtedly been purchasing the Blu-ray/DVD sets as they became available each year. The question then arises as to whether or not a repurchase of what you already own is working additional $100-$200. In the case of ‘Sons of Anarchy,' the answer would be an unqualified yes. All copies could always be regifted either en masse or individually. Several reasons brought me to this conclusion. First of all, the packaging is among the best for these ‘Collectors Editions.' Replacing the usual cardboard box container is a sturdy plastic with the cover embossed with the infamous Sons of Anarchy logo, the reaper holding a scythe dripping blood and an M-16. The emblem has the appearance of being called into the lid mimicking SAMCRO’s counsel table in the back of Morrow garage. Inside the first thing, you’ll notice the coffee table style hard covered book. It contains a slew of added content including exclusive, behind the scenes photographs and other production details. Another book contains all 23 discs that comprise the seven seasons of the series. They are the same three discs sets the individual Blu-ray releases. Another compelling reason is having the entire series in one, easy to access location making binge-watching easier than ever.

The creative mind behind Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter, was the show runner only one of the series before, ‘The Shield.' There are a couple of notable similarities between the two. All the primary hits the core cable network F/X. In both instances subscriptions for the Fox sister network dramatically increased as a direct result of the incredible popularity of the show. Second is the direct overlap of the major themes explored in the overall story. There’s rather compelling evidence that would fascinate Mr. Sutter is the exceptionally thin line between people who choose crime for living those going to careers in law enforcement. His characters tend to be incredibly dynamic and intense individuals. Like a boulder careening down the hill to evitable that it would crash into the bottom all it takes is one little pebble to alter that vast amount of momentum changing its course down one path or the other. The genius of Sutter’s programs is that he takes what looked like a binary decision and expertly converts it spectrum consisting of shades of gray. The protagonist for ‘The Shield,' Was a Task Force Detective Vic Mackey. He was very efficient in keeping gang violence in this area to a minimum, but his methods were well past unorthodox, considerably into the in immoral and illegal. In many ways ‘Sons of Anarchy’, Sutter completely reverse this situation with a professional criminal and gang member trying to keep a semblance of peace with the small California community of Charming.

Despite some public denials by Mr. Sutter, there are a significant number of similarities between the overall story of this series and one of William Shakespeare’s darkest tragedies, Hamlet. The melancholy Dane replaced by Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), son of one of the founding members of the motorcycle gang and vice president of the central chapter, SAMCRO. The play is uncle represented by his stepfather, Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), president of the chapter and current husband of Jax’s mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal). One of the most brilliant elements of the migration is to replace the supernatural character of the ghost of the original King with the Journal written many years ago by Jax’s father, John Teller (Nicholas Guest) using a voiceover to replace the messages from beyond the grave. Over seven seasons there are plenty of changes not only among the peripheral cast but few of the primary characters were exempt from very intense final departures. What Sutter wanted to get across was that that was ever present those who chose the outlaw biker existence. Like the iconic Reaper emblazoned on the leather Cuts (vests), but had to course their entire back. The series held the same appeal for many people as the gangster movies that dominated the entertainment industry in the 30s and 40s. Despite the fact that they are cold-blooded thieves and murderers they live and die by the unbreakable code of conduct. If the member of the gang commits treason or somebody acts in extreme rate to the detriment of the club there is a vote to ‘Meet Mr. Mayhem’, a sentence of death.

A series like this would never have made it home one of the traditional broadcast networks. There is no real that Sutter could’ve been faithful to the material without an excessive amount of violence sex and drug use. These series represent the best things come about in the major paradigm shift of the expanded distribution that cable and now streaming services provide. The old days were participating in the television series was many notches below the same functions in the movies thankfully gone. F/X has been at the vanguard of a new level of excellence on television. Throughout the entire run of ‘Sons,' Sutter and his cadre of associate screenwriters have carefully constructed a story that would qualify this is one of the best treatments of these themes you all likely to ever see. Each and every character in this drama experiences psychological stress and emotional hardship through a series of circumstances that affect the progression of the character’s development. Each character storyline and find the others creating an unbelievably intricate tapestry that has a density of details that could rival sizable novel. Jax is naturally the central figure that holds everything together. The melancholia famously portrayed in the play is transformed is turned into an angry young man consumed by angst. For seven seasons Jax just wanted a chance for some degree of happiness. His late father’s journals revealed that his intentions were to steer the club into legitimate means to earn.

Despite the undeniable fact that these men, and most of the women, can kill without hesitation but when it comes to their families, particularly children, nothing is more important. Proving to be crucial to attracting and holding the loyalty of the audience, hopefully, most viewers aren’t criminals, but they can understand families. This depiction of the most dysfunction family imaginable, but a father’s unwavering devotion to his children deeply provides an avenue for relating to the characters no matter how insane they otherwise conduct themselves. The series built magnificently one detail upon another leading to a grand dénouement that offers one of the most satisfying finales in television. This series was groundbreaking in many ways with each season synergistically enhancing the others.

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