South Park: The Cult Of Cartman
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South Park: The Cult Of Cartman

In recent years there has been a lot in the news about cults. They can range from the ridiculous to the deadly. There is also a lot of discussion as to just what is a cult. Because of all the lives that have been ruined or ended in the name of some firm but unorthodox believe this is a very serious and often controversial subject. Naturally with a topic that is so certain to push people’s buttons it would be difficult to imagine it as a theme for comedy. This is just the reason it should come as no surprise that Matt Parker and Trey Stone would use it over and over in their politically incorrect animated series ‘South Park’. If you try to tell this pair that a subject is off limits because it may upset or insult people they seem all the more determined to go for it. In this particular case the humor centers on the cult like views of one of their main characters, Eric Cartman. Of all the emotionally damaged and psychologically distributed characters have come up with over the years Cartman is by far the most messed up. It is also the reason why he is the perennial favorite among the legion of die hard fans. Comedy Central and parent company Paramount has come up with a great way of enjoying the warped world view of Cartman. They have put together a collection of a dozen Cartman centric episodes that are some of the best the series has to offer. I am not usually a big fan of collections especially when they duplicate previously released material. This is a completely different case though. First of all it gathers together episodes from several seasons so if you don’t have all the sets you can see the best of your favorite character. Next the packaging and premise of collection is unique and funny on its own. The two DVD set is packaged in what looks like a religious book complete with ‘gold’ gilded edges. When you open it you find a sticker and a membership card for the ‘Eric Theodore Cartman Society’. On the back is a web address for collectables and a chance too win $10,000. A lot of real cults lure people in with promises of money so why should this be any different?

Eric Cartman is the kind of child that would compel many to not have children. He is egotistical, bigoted and completely devoid of any sensitivity to others. Throughout the series he has done everything possible to make life miserable for his friends and anyone else who gets in his way. He has the tendency to play with dolls but in that creepy ‘Silence of the Lambs’ way. He also frequently tries to get is friends to perform sexual acts. If a real nine year old exhibited any of the personality traits of Cartman he would be immediately sent to prolonged and extensive in patient care. His voice is provided by ‘South Park’ co-creator Trey Parker. Here, each of the episodes is proceeded by a bit with Cartman, in a suit and tie, espousing the lesson the episode provides about his teachings.

Scott Tenorman Must Die

Season 5 episode 4 July 11, 2001

Lesson: Retaliate a thousand fold

The episode begins with Cartman enjoy the day riding around on his tricycle. He is happy than usual; he just got his first pubic hair. He gleefully derides his friends with his early maturity. It turns out that he didn’t grow them he bought them for $10 from an older boy, Scott Tenorman. Kyle and Stan inform him that you are suppose to grow your own when you get older and Cartman is humiliated. Cartman sets out to get his revenge on Tenorman. At first Cartman glues the hairs to his face and tries to pass himself off as an IRS agent to Tenorman. When that scheme fails Cartman begins to form an elaborate plot to get his money back and have his revenge on Tenorman. Every time Cartman tries to get back at Tenorman the older boy outwits him easily.


Season 8 episode 5 April 14, 2004

Lesson: Never take a joke too far

Butters receives a large wooden crate and inside finds a robot called AWESOME-O 4000 which is actually Cartman in disguise, a very bad robot disguise. Butters is delighted and the ‘robot’ informs him that he should feel free to tell him all his deepest secrets. Butter tells his new friend that he has a medical condition and has to wear a diaper to school because he can’t always control his bowels. Cartman can hardly keep from laughing. Things start to backfire for Cartman when he is sent to Los Angels with Butters to visit his aunt and uncle. Cartman is forced to do all sorts of things like insert a suppository and carry Butter’s bags; a far cry from the fun he thought he would have at his friend’s expense.

The Death of Eric Cartman

Season 9 episode 6 April 13, 2005

Lesson: Know what awaits you in heaven

The boys are sick and tired of Cartman and his antics so they all decide to just ignore him. Since no one will talk to or even acknowledge him Cartman believes that he must be dead and walking the earth as a ghost. He also comes to believe that he has to make up for all his many past sins and enlists the aid of Butters to help him.

Cartman Wars Part I

Season 10 episode 3 April 5, 2006

Lesson: Use racial tolerance to get what you want

Cartman hates the popular Fox animated series ‘Family Guy’. When they show a picture of Mohammed he sees his chance to stir up problems with the Moslems and have it taken off the air. He knows that such an outcry would force Fox to remove the series.

Catman Wars Part II

Season 10 episode 4 April 12, 2006

Lesson: Family Guy sucks balls

Here Cartman finds a strange ally in his fight to have Family Guy cancelled in a disgruntled Bart Simpson. Cartman pretends to be a handicapped boy who is dying and gets to see the writing staff for the show; a group on manatees.

Le Petit Tourette

Season 11 episode 8 October 3, 2007

Lesson: Never swear on television

Cartman is tired of getting in trouble for his constant use of foul language. When he learns about Tourette's syndrome he pretends to have it so he can basically get away with saying anything he wants. These episodes are uncensored so this one is heard without the usual bleeps.

Tonsil Troubles

Season 12 episode 1 March 12, 2008

Lesson: Stay HIV positive

When Cartman believes he has HIV he infects Kyle out of spite. The pair garners all sorts of attention as they try to find a cure for the disease. They decide their best chance is with basket ball great Magic Johnson.

Eek, a Penis

Season 12 episode 5 April 9, 2008

Lesson: Never give up on cheating

Cartman winds up as the substitute teacher for his class and by allowing rampant cheating greatly improves the test scores. He is sent to an inner city school to apply his methods. In a parody of ‘Stand and Deliver’ he convinces the class that the only way to get ahead is to cheat. Meanwhile Mrs. Garrison want to reverse her sex change and go back to being a man.


Season 5 episode 6 July 25, 2001

Lesson: People will find a way to ruin a good time

Cartman inherits a large sum of money and uses it to buy an amusement park. He plans to keep everybody out so he will be the only one to enjoy it. Kyle begins to question is faith in God since everything always seems to go in Cartman’s favor. Cartman didn’t realized just how much it costs to keep an amusement park running. He is forced to admit more and more people to his private park.

Up the Down Steroid

Season 8 episode 2 March 24, 2004

Lesson: Do not pretend to be handicapped

Cartman, craving attention as usual, disguises himself as a special needs child in order to enter the Special Olympics. He easily wins most events but his main competition is a real handicapped child, Jimmy. It turns out that Jimmy has been using steroids to give him and unfair advantage.

Super Fun Time

Season 12 episode 7 April 23, 2008

Lesson: Have a super fun time all the time

The whole class takes a trip to a tourist trap called Frontier Land. There all the employees have to stay in character as if they lived back in those days. Cartman considers the trip lame and decides to go to a nearby arcade. Since the teach partnered him up with Butters and told him not to let go of Cartman’s hand he tags alone. Meanwhile back at the park a group of thieves take over but the staff will not break character to help.

Ginger Kids

Season 9 episode 11 November 9, 2005

For a prank Kyle and Stan turn Cartman into a pale skinned redhead with freckles because he hates kids that look like that. The gag backfires when Cartman leads a revolt of the Ginger kids against the school.

This is a great collection and a must have for all ‘South Park’ fans out there. Even if you have most if not all the episodes it is a lot of fun to watch them as presented here.

Posted 09/24/08

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