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Star Trek: Alternate Realities Collective

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A truly great thing about any fiction is its ability to transport you to another world or time. You can live vicariously through the characters in the stories taking on just about any conceivable role. When it comes to taking you to far away place there is nothing like science fiction. By its very nature it is intended to remove you out of this world brining you to alien worlds and other times. In both science fiction and the allied field of comic books there is a plot device that allows the authors to be even more imaginative; the alternate world. This has been a time honored way for the writers of an established series or franchise to pull out all the stops and go off in an unexpected direction with their characters. For the actors playing the roles it provides an opportunity to play a novel variation of their characters; often against type. A good guy can suddenly be completely evil or even killed off. All the author has to do is declare it is an alternate universe and all the rules are subject to change. One of the most enduring and beloved Sci-Fi franchises in history is without a doubt Star Trek. Over five different television series and about a dozen films they have become known for their episodes involving alternate realities. Now Paramount has released to DVD the definitive collection of these episodes from all five series. The ‘Star Trek: Alternate Realities Collective’ contains twenty episodes that take the familiar characters of these series and place them in strange and often twisted variations of their own worlds. This is not only a theme specific collection of alternate realty episodes from all the versions of Star Trek; fans typical list these as the some of the best and most well received of the lot.

The collective is broken down into Four distinct sections; Mirror Universe, Twisted Realities, Parallel Dimensions and Alternate Lives. Each section is used to provide a platform for episodes from several of the five Star Trek series. There are also featurettes for each section that describe the rules of the sections as well as the effect they have on the series and franchise. Selected episodes in the collections also have brand new commentary tracks to add a little something special for the legion of fans out there. Since the original series ever member of the Star Trek franchise has taken off to alternate universes and bends in the time line. Parallel dimensions may not have originated with Star Trek but they their imaginative writers surely embraced the concepts and made it part of the fabric of each of the series. Some of the episodes presented here have story lines that cross over from one series to another. Now, for the first time, you have an easy and entertaining way to get the whole story in one place. Even if you have some or most of these episodes as part of season collections this is well worth the purchase for the convenience and all the additional information provided.

The mirror universe has the characters in a place where there may be a reversal of good and evil. A hero may be a villain here and the Federation of Planets has replaced their high ideals with a lust for power and conquest. With twisted realities the characters find themselves in a universe where the rule set is basically the same but with different situations and goals. In the parallel universe the characters are in a world where most things seem familiar but there are slight to major differences that let them know they are not in the right place. With alternate lives the characters are in lives that are not their own. In most of these scenarios the main characters are thrown down a rabbit hole where little makes sense to them.

Mirror Universes

Mirror, Mirror

Star Trek: TOS

Season 2 episode 4 October 6, 1967

Due to a transported malfunction Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura find themselves on an Enterprise whose mission is conquest and subjugation. The officers rise in rank through assassination and most of the crew are evil. This gave us the motif of a goatee as a sign of evil as shown with ‘Evil Spock’.


Star Trek: DS9

Season 2 episode 23 May 15, 1994

Kira and Bashir find themselves in an alternate universe where the Bajorans are in power and keep humans as slaves. Kira gets to meet her evil self in this universe and since you can’t put a goatee on a woman we know she is evil since she is dressed all in black.

Through the Looking Glass

Star Trek; DS9

Season 3 episode 19 April 19, 1995

Sisko is kidnapped to impersonate his deceased, mirror universe self to gain Jennifer Sisko's loyalty in the Rebel Alliance. Sisko finds his late wife very much alive and working on a project that could help the Alliance uncover enemy bases. He has to convince her to join the Alliance and use her discover for good.

Shattered Mirror

Star Trek: DS9

Season 4 episode 19 April 22, 1996

The mirror universe’s Jennifer uses Jake to bait Sisko into coming to her universe. She needs him to help rebuild the Defiant. The Alliance is now too powerful and corrupt and the resistance needs the ship to win.

In a Mirror, Darkly

Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 4 episodes 18 & 19 April 22, 2005 / April 29, 2005

In the mirror universe the crew of the Enterprise discovers that the Tholians have captured a star ship from the future, the time of TOS. Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest and plans to take the futuristic ship to build his own empire.

Parallel Dimensions

The Alternative Factor

Star Trek: TOS

Season 1 episode 27 March 30, 1967

While investigating a disruption that is affecting the entire galaxy causing reality to blink on and off the Enterprise discovers an insane scientist. This man, Lazarus, states that he is in pursuit of a dangerous creature that destroyed his culture.


Star Trek: TNG

Season 7 episode 11 November 27, 1993

Worf returns in a shuttle from a bat'leth competition to find trapped in constantly shifting realities. He is the only one capable of realizing that everything is in a state of flux.

Twisted realities

The Enemy Within

Star Trek: TOS

Season 1 episode 5 October 6, 1966

A transported malfunction creates two versions of Kirk, one meek and mild the other overly aggressive.

Turnabout Intruder

Season 3 episode 24 June 3, 1969

This was the final episode of the original series. A former love of Kirk’s, Janice Lester, is dying from radiation sickness and switches bodies with the captain.

Frame of Mind

Star Trek: TNG

Season 6 episode 21 May 1, 1993

Riker finds himself in an alien insane asylum where he begins to doubt his real life. He is afraid that everything he remembers about the Enterprise was just a delusion.


Star Trek: Voyager

Season 7 episode 11 January 11, 2001

A accident allows Chakotay to pass through various time spheres that are scattered through out the ship. Each sphere is in a different time fragmenting the ship. Past, present and future collide.

Alternate lives

Yesterday's Enterprise

Star Trek: TNG

Season 3 episode 15 February 17, 1990

When the Enterprise C enters normal space the Enterprise D changes from a vessel of exploration and peace to one caught in a long and brutal war. Only Guinan is able to tell that anything has changed.

The Inner Light

Star Trek: TNG

Season 5 episode 25 May 30, 1992

Picard wakes up to find himself living the life on a human on an alien planet. He is a leader of the community and finds himself going through the entire life of the man.

The Visitor

Star Trek: DS9

Season 4 episode 2 October 9, 1995

Melanie, an aspiring writer, wants to know why Jake Sisko stopped writing at 40. Jake tells how his father died in an accident and then suddenly reappeared.

Before and After

Star Trek: Voyager

Season 3 episode 21 April 9, 1997

Kes is near death and experiencing parts of her life in reverse. The Doctor devises a treatment that will extend Kes’ life past the Ocampan standard nine years. This takes her on a journey through an alternative life.


Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 episode 6 November 18, 1998

Ensign Kim makes a miscalculation while working on the new slip stream drive that results in a crash of the Voyager. Fifteen years in the future Chakotay, Kim and The Doctor try to send a message back in time to avoid the tragedy.

Course: Oblivion

Star Trek: Voyager

Season 5 episode 18 March 3, 1999

A strange and unknown force is affecting the fabric of reality for Voyager. The crew has to back track recent event to find the cause and the solution.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 3 episode 21 May 5, 2004

While attempting to use a Xindi subspace corridor the Enterprise confronts another copy of itself. This ship is obviously much older and in disrepair. It is also manned by a crew of the descendants of the original Enterprise.


Star Trek: Enterprise

Season 3 episode 8 November 5, 2003

An anomaly injures T’Pol and Archer refuses to leave her when the ship retreats. He is affected by parasites that prevent him from forming new memories. Twelve years later T’Pol is still caring for Archer but he cannot remember anything for more than a few hours.

This is an amazing set and CBS Paramount has gone above and beyond to give the fans something that will bring many hours of entertainment. These are some of the best episodes from all five series and perfect for a long weekend marathon.

Posted 09/04/08

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