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Movies have always reflected many of the accepted norms held by our society. It is a definite cyclic the relationship between the two: movies hold the principles of society up for scrutiny all the members of our society to movies as trendsetters greatly influencing how our society changes over time. The no matter how enlightened we are the gender-based double standard means one of the most firmly ensconced. One of the ways in which film has addressed this is the role reversal films. Reversing the sample or two of this rare woman demonstrates the characteristics most commonly associated with men. Sexually forward man is considered a Lothario such a behavior in a woman around her as a trollop. One of the latest films to tackle this topic is ‘Trainwreck’ the creative force behind this film is a comedienne would bodies gender role reversal; Amy Schumer. She is one of ours ‘overnight successes’ will been honing their craft for many years before becoming immediately recognizable by the public Ms. Schumer’s brand of comedy to format her tenure as a standup comedian defining her style as self-deprecation, highly sexualized and generally raunchy. That many comedians now career really took flight with her appearances on Comedy Central initially as one of the acerbic participants in their series ‘Comedy Central Roast’. She has since moved on to own half hour mélange of standup comedy and sketches. This movie has to represent the labor of love for Ms. Schumer who not only stars in it but she was a screenwriter as well. For the director of the film she managed to secure the services of a filmmaker who is synonymous with offbeat comedies, Judd Apatow, who has been at the helm of some of the most successful comedies in recent years. The movie works so well is a comedy because it derives its humor from highly relatable circumstances remaining at its core the romance. One thing that should be kept in mind although is that although this is considered part of the romantic comedy genre it is unlike any rom-com have likely to have seen.

Amy Townsend (Amy Schumer) had a childhood trauma that many adults can empathize with, the parents getting a divorce. The news of this was delivered to Amy (Devin Fabry) and her sister, Kim (Carly Oudin). The reason their father gave for the divorce is that monogamy is unrealistic and unnatural. As a result Amy grew up into a party girl defined by her commitment phobia accumulation of bad habits including excessive drinking, brief and pot smoking and promiscuity. The lessons learned from her father have manifested in her constantly cheating on her boyfriend, Steven (John Cena), is not exactly the philosophically deepest intellectual guy around, the vast majority of his life spent in the gym. Amy’s employed by a men’s magazine under her boss, Dianna (Tilda Swinton). Diana signs Amy to write an article about a specific sports physician, Aaron Conners (Bill Hader).

On the home front Amy his face replacing her father in an assisted living facility to the ongoing progression of his multiple sclerosis. Amy helps her sister Kim, now portrayed by Brie Larson. In order to make room to accommodate smaller room in the, the Mets new facility had to get rid of a lot of Gordon’s sports memorabilia, specifically concerning the New York City baseball team, the Mets. This understandably agitates their father considerably exacerbating the emotional assault of moving. Kim is married with a stepson; Allister (Evan Brinkman) was a constant source of annoyance for Amy. At work Amy begins to arrange for her meeting to interview the doctor that evening goes on a date with Steven to a movie she is in her normal state, exceptionally drunk, becomes quite rude and boisterous in the theater resulting in fights with other patrons. She steps outside to smoke a joint when she returns Steven had gone through her phone in question them about all phone numbers of all the men that are on it. Jimmy says she sleeps with all the men but blames on being stoned at the time. Steven understandably becomes upset and leaves.

In the typical fashion for a romantic comedy is the point where Amy’s life begins to unravel. She finds out that Kim is pregnant because of the extra financial demands she wants to move their father to a cheaper facility she happens we were doctor at the time and Aaron remains with her and they go out for dinner and drinks as things progress in the film such as this Amy and Erin soon begin to date and when Erin meets Gordon after the elderly man has a full Amy’s dad becomes quite impressed with Aaron. Circumstances seem to conspire against them as Gordon is certain that things will not work out between his daughter and the doctor. After all she is too much like he is, unable to maintain a stable, happy relationship under the pressure Amy’s bad habits intensify when she begins to get on Erin’s nerves. A baby shower for Kim joke is made about Amy’s promiscuity which doesn’t sit well with the doctor. Soon things begin to fall apart at work and it looks as though Amy’s lack of self-confidence and maintaining a stable monogamous relationship is going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Although there are many aspects of this film that are contrary to the normal romantic comedy it does strictly adhered to the three actual; bring them together worked a full report and happy ending.

It is little wonder that Amy Schumer recently hosted Saturday Night Live. Both Bill Haider and Vanessa Bayer, who plays Amy’s coworker, Nikki, are both in the current lineup of SNL. Most of the human the film is predicated on the concept that a woman can be just as gross and self-destructive as a man. The Amy within the film is very close to the variation of self that she uses in her comedy show. One of the reasons Schumer appears to many women is that she’s not ashamed of being plump, obviously not conforming to the much sought after size 0 that appears to be the goal of actresses and models in the public eye. She exudes self-confidence and doesn’t get another person a chance to make fun of her she is right there with the joke before one can be launched. Promiscuity also figures significantly in her comedy series and a standup act. This translates to a very natural feel as she assumes the Amy that is seen as the character in this story. Ms. Schumer is taking a character she has sharpened over many years. Overall the movie is witty and quickly paced, keeping the story moving along. When he is just gets swept away in the enthusiasm shown by Ms. Schumer and the rest of the cast. Typical of a Judd Apatow production some of the things may seem to border too closely on a doctor reality but to handle such skill. This is a romantic comedy that both genders may find themselves enjoying equally.

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Posted 11/11/2015

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