Tremors 5: Bloodlines
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Tremors 5: Bloodlines

When you find yourself at the point when you are tired of adult responsibility there is one time proven way to at least temporarily lessen this source of anxiety; wants the kind of movie that you enjoyed as a kid. A movie that was once the mainstay of your weekly entertainment can now still serve you as a guilty pleasure. One of the best particular genres to serve this purpose is an old-school creature feature. Bring yourself back to a time and it didn’t matter as you can see the zipper down the back of a monster or someone almost off-screen pushing the prop with a stick. Your enjoyment was not predicated by a role written script or stylish direction, is just served as primary purpose of providing some escapism that a means to have fun. I found taking this approach is exceptionally helpful while watching ‘Tremors 5: Bloodlines’. It has been 25 years first ‘Tremors’ movie premiered in 11 years since the last direct to video film was released but once again these unstoppable creatures munching their way through a small community. Directing this film is Don Michael Paul, a man who has apparently specialized sequels such as ‘Lake Placid: the Final Chapter’, ‘Jarhead 2: Field Of Fire’ in the upcoming ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’. The screenplay provided by a person whose name would be recognizable to many science-fiction fans, John Whelpley. He has scripted episodes for several Gene Roddenberry television productions, ‘Earth: Final Conflict ‘, ‘Andromeda’, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. Albeit these are mostly one or episodes but a look at his resume does demonstrate that he is a consistently busy writer will also the teleplay the third installment of the Tremors franchise, ‘Tremors 3: Back to Perfection’. Although this movie has more than it shares of technical missteps remains true to the one primary goal of the creature feature; it’s fun to watch.

Michael Gross returns in his persistent role for the franchise of fanatic the survivalist Burt Gummer. When it comes to handling the situation Burt shares a motto with the MythBusters; "when in doubt, C-4". As far as ordinance goes Burt is the ‘go big or go home’, kind of guy. Over the course of the franchise they have moved his character away from being a conspiracy enthusiast with great trepidation against government control to a somewhat more socially acceptable extreme survivalist, modeled after a few of the missed types frequently seen on the National Geographic network only with armor piercing weapons at hand. As the film opens Burt is back where it all began in Perfection, Nevada about a dozen years after the end of the portion of the story is in the TV series. Burt is still starring in his own self-produced basic cable series showcasing his skills as a survivalist series. Segments include: the snake and cooking it in a handmade, clay oven. Before consuming it on screen Burt takes advantage of the moment to insert a little commercial for his own line of survivalist seasonings and marinades. Burt is approached by an independent filmmaker, Travis Welker, (Jamie Kennedy), who wants to feature Burt in a greatly expanded venue highlighting his unique brand. Burt does except Travis as his new cameraman.

It is always been believed by experts, mostly Burt, that Graboids and the other stages of their life cycle are confined to the North American continent. During the course of their life cycle Graboids subject to metamorphosis and into the bipedal Shrieker and Blasters. The former hunts by means of infrared vision and the latter able to fly through the air boosted by igniting volatile chemicals in this digestive tract igniting the resulting flatulence. That unusual means of propulsion is given at the more commonplace name, ‘Ass-Blasters’. In South Africa some hunters, Johan Dreyer Brandon Auret) and Basson (Lawrence Joffe), come across ancient cave paintings of creatures unmistakably depicting Graboids. Basson is disbanded and ultimately consumed by some unseen creature but Dreyer manages to escape with his life. Back in Nevada Burt is approached by Erich Van Wyck (Daniel Janks) to hunt down the creatures back in Africa. Burt agrees with Travis cajoling them to have him join as the videographer. Once they arrive in Africa is exceptionally upset that his massive exceptionally heavy caliber arsenal have been impounded by the officials.

Nearby the a hunting area is a big site being worked by a pair of paleontologists Dr. Michael Swan (Emmanuel Castis) and his girlfriend Lucia (Natalie Becker). There quite excited about their recent find, the fossilized remains of a Graboid. Swan has no doubt that the paper that will come from this will make his career. Back with the hunters Burt is shown the reference he has been provided in new of his own confiscated selection. It is pathetic consisting of dinner more than a rifle and an old Peacemaker revolver. Burt is rightfully outraged since, as he puts it, you might as well defend yourself with the spitball shooter. His ire is exacerbated greatly when he is told that the goal of the mission is not to kill creatures but to capture them alive. Later the reason for this foolhardy decision is made clear, Van Wyck is not a member of the conservation society as he represented himself but he is part of a group of poachers. With Burt’s attention is focused on his arguments with Van Wyck, Travis befriended by Amahle (Nolitha Zulu) and who introduces him to her veterinarian mother Nandi (Pearl Thusi). There is immediately chemistry between Travis and Nandi.

As it turns out the South African variety of the species is far more aggressive and seems to have mutated to a considerable degree. One of the most dangerous alterations is that the three tentacles the North American variety as emanating from its mouth are able to detach themselves as independent, serpentine hunters. The main body of the Graboid is longer and more streamlined. The blasters have adapted to being nocturnal. During the heat of the day indicative of the region, the blasters have a difficult time using the heat seeking senses to differentiate their prey from the environment. At night signature of the next meal is readily discernible. Of the most startling developments is the discovery of the cave that contains a clutch of eggs. The queen Graboid is exceptionally protective of hope perspective offspring diligently protects them. The goal Burt and Travis ‘mission has now become more crucial than ever; destroy the eggs and prevent the area from becoming overrun with these monsters. They have to put an end to the bloodline.

It is quite noticeable that the production is greatly influenced stylistically by such larger budget franchises as Jurassic Park. There are scenes where the creatures are chasing the hunters in their Land Rovers coul exit Dragon d have been lifted shot for shot any movie in the popular dinosaur series. This does help to modernize the look and feel of this particular film resulting in quicker pacing and less cartoonish adversary. As with any action film, especially a creature feature, the story is a true MacGuffin, crucial to the people within the film but virtually inconsequential to the audience. You’re not sitting there watching this movie for a tantalizing story when cycling deep character analysis. You want to see monsters attacking people and people retaliating by blowing things up. After that and this movie does sufficiently deliver.

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Posted 10/24/2015

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