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The film ‘Truth’ is categorized as a political docudrama whose basic theme is the veracity of television news. In the spirit of full disclosure I grew up in a time when most the public felt they could trust distinguished people on television providing the news. Men such as the Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley and of course the most influential of them all, Edward R. Murrow, gain the experience as print journalists that bestowed upon them in air of dignity and impeccable reputation for integrity. We were informed of such historical events as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy or Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon were provided with a straightforward demeanor reminiscent of reading the story in a well-respected newspaper of record. The story was important not the personality of the newsman. Now the evening news is in the same competition for rating is any of the entertainment shows on the networks. There is a significant increase in the number of human interest stories or statements that can only be described as ‘weird news’ intended to entertain rather than inform. The movie on the consideration here depicts a true story there was an example of the report are becoming a story of his own. A story was broadcast regarding the reelection of President George W. Bush in 2004. When the accuracy of the report was called into question suddenly aspects of the process of presenting evening news programs such as checking and verification was suddenly paramount in the eyes of the public. The principal point of view character was somebody who was there is the produce of the program and much of the film is based on a book derived from a personal account of the incident. It film such as this is of great importance because we all living in very turbulent times when news programs are bombarding us 24 hours a day supplemented by a consistent flow of news items.

Mary Mapes (Mary Mapes) held one of the most prestigious positions in television news, producer of the Wednesday evening addition of 60 Minutes. In 2004 President George W. Bush was running for reelection against John Kerry. Open to all regrettable but long-standing American electoral tradition the respective campaigns drifted off topics of substance eclipsing them with a number of deleterious comments. One in particular was intended to undermine military service record of President Bush. A claim was made that his family exerted influence over the military to provide President Bush with preferential treatment related to his absence from the Air Guard just prior to a transfer to the Alabama Air National Guard. Delegations claim that Bush failed to meet the minimum training requirements necessary for the position she held improve that he was absent from his assigned location for most of 1972. The set of documents, later referred to as the Killian documents, will presented as authentic and used in a report and just two months before the election.

Soon a considerable amount of data was expressed about the authenticity of the documents and as it turned out CBS did fail to properly authenticate them before airing the story. A number of typography experts were called in to examine the documents and after a full and detailed examination the conclusions were absolutely forgeries the proof for this claim was found to the analysis of the type font and spacing between letters and words. Such details indicated that the documents were made on Microsoft Word and not a typewriter but a font used in Microsoft Word, something that would indisputably be impossible for the early 70s. This not only a direct attack on the professionalism of CBS news but it stained the reputation of one of the most trusted news programs on television, 60 Minutes. Perhaps worst of all it impugn the integrity of on and newsman, Dan Rather (Robert Redford) who for decades he has been one of the most trusted man. The documents were obtained from Lt. Col. Bill Burkett (Stacy Keach) who could only provide contemporary copies having stated that he burned the originals. Colonel Burkett was company we type it had been an officer in the Texas Army National Guard. The authenticity of the documents was challenged mere hours after the broadcast is the growing doubts were spread across the Internet. CDS convened an investigation that substantiated the allegations of forgery and will force the public three apologize for failure performing due diligence in substantiating such an important part of the story. Ms. Mapes was terminated from her employment in several senior executives in the CBS news division requested to hand in their resignations. Not long before this public relations disaster Ms. Mapes and Mr. Rather had broken one of the most important stories of the decade by exposing the atrocities performed in the interrogation cells at Abu Ghraib prison. When the. That has substantiated them as a trusted new source to an event it appeared that they had proof that President Bush had used family influence to avoid going to Vietnam the results would inevitably had a major impact on the results of the upcoming election.

Mr. Redford portrays Dan Rather as an amiable and honest television journalist which is a sharp contrast to the last time he started a breaking a major new story concerning the present. Now he is traded the youthful and passionate reporter for the Washington Post investigating Watergate for Dan Rather the senior statesman of television news. The true breakout star this movie is a two-time Academy award-winning actress Cate Blanchett as on Ms. Mapes. This film is a showcase for one of Ms. Blanchet’s finest performances. She embodies the passion and energy of a woman who has worked hard to become established in a highly competitive, male oriented field. As expected of them of this nature was bound to generate controversy of its own CBS denouncing the film. The network went as far as to refuse to run advertisements for the movie providing a statement that they felt would be a disservice to the truth and to the people involved in the incident. Mr. Rather eventually left the network and has publicly stated that the content of the film was highly accurate. Even the supporting cast, most notably including Elizabeth Moss and Topher Grace. Their contributions added nuances to the production are greatly enhanced dramatic effect the field of historical significance. When juxtaposed against the incredible intensity of Ms. Blanchet’s portrayal the film is certain to hold your interest throughout its entire running time. Who’s one aspect of this film that I felt it served to detract to the attention of well-deserved. Was released around the same time as a film that explored an even more controversial scandal, ‘Spotlight’, help print journalist work to expose many have called the prevalent culture of pedophilia within the Catholic Church. I didn’t see them in competition you can invite your friends over for a ‘ripped from the headlines’ film festival by including ‘All the Presidents Men’.

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Posted 02/07/2016

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