Unforgettable: Season 2
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Unforgettable: Season 2

All human beings memories are among the most important mental facilities and yet it is one that is subject to a significant degree of ambiguity and interpretation. Much research has been done precisely how memories are formed, stored and retrieved within our brains. No research is necessary to confirm the seat of memories is tied to that of the olfactory sense. Almost everyone has experience a certain smell brining you back in time to your mother’s kitchen or the autumnal walk through the freshly fallen leaves. Without memories the sum of our experiences are reduced to a lack of continuity in our lives. The most insidious thing about the, Alzheimer’s disease is that it robs its victims of this steady place in their past present and future. Anyone who has had a family member afflicted with this disorder, you know just how tragic it is to watch a loved one’s memories fade like a morning mist. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a neurological condition called Hyperthymesia, which refers to this as the disorder is not at all accurate. Because of the rare and rather specific configuration of the neural network, specifically the part of the brain responsible for memories, people with Hyperthymesia near-perfect recall. The person with this trait has an exceptional ability to visually recall any situation they have experienced or was going on around them, basically anything, they’ve actually glanced at becomes part of the permanent record in their mind. This amazing ability goes far beyond eidetic, where a person can recall the large number of images site and sounds particularly material they have read. Hyperthymesia the most vivid memories of one’s personal experienced, leading to its common name of superior autobiographical memory. The premise of this series is that a New York City detective, Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) is gifted with this ability. Having a detective unable to forget the slightest details of investigation or the crime scene explore formidable investigator. In the first season, Carrie and her partner, Al Burns (Dylan Walsh) of working the homicide division. The precinct located in the New York City borough of Queens.

It was established early on in the first season that Carrie could bring herself back to a specific time and place to review the scene as if she was walking through it again. The visual contrivance used to demonstrate this is having would watch as another copy of walks around with everything in the scene frozen in time, including a version of herself at that moment. A strong point of the series is that while this is done every episode. The technique is not overused, which would have diluted the impact that it did have on the most dramatic moments of the story. There are, however, it technique employed to remind the audience and the people around her that carry possesses this uncanny ability. Someone would give her a specific date and within seconds she will rattle off the sunrise, sunset, weather and significant events of that day. For those obsessive enough to check the writers of the series always careful to make sure that information is correct. There are so little scenes when Carrie saves the day that the remarkable memory by being able to settle petty disputes. One example was at a local coffee shop when the computer with the orders and it went down and Carrie was able to rattle off to the barista every single order correctly.

It is quite common for second season to see you significant changes made in the format of the show. This is particularly true if the ratings for the series placed it on the so-called bubble of renewal. ‘Unforgettable’ and sophomore year, delicately balanced on that bubble. To their credit, the writers did come up with a change that not only broaden the scope possible for the stories, but was natural and believable. Carrying out clearance rate was so astronomical that the senior members of the New York City Police Department came to notice their extraordinary record. As a result they were transferred to a special high priority unit and the police headquarters. There they were given access to the most modern equipment possible for law enforcement. Commanding the Major Crime Unit was, Eliot Delson (Dallas Roberts), the true bureaucrat at heart, but one that assures them that he will always have their back when things get rough. He explains that the brass felt that Carrie’s talents and their exemplary teamwork was wasted in the outer boroughs, and would much better serve the force in a unit that focused on the highest priority crimes. A revamping like this is commonplace for a sophomore year and also segued into introduction of new cast members. Jay Lee (James Hiroyuki Liao) is a technical specialist extraordinaire. Among his many technological wonders is his ability to track down normally untraceable burner phones. Another member of the new team was Cherie Rollins-Murray (Tawny Cypress). While unit of this significance in the NYPD naturally has greater number of members, it does appear that the order amount of the fieldwork is done by Carrie and Al. This encompasses everything from conducting interviews, investigating the crime scene, routine surveillance and my personal favorite for this series, going undercover. The matter what the function carries ability to remember the most miniscule detail in every saves the day.

One of the more unusual nuances of Carrie going undercover, bordering on the implausible, is when she assumes a criminal’s identity to join a team of bank robbers. The contrivance that made this possible was the contrivance that the team members were brought together specifically for this big job and had never met before. This would supposedly confound the authorities by not being able to tie them together as known associates. Of course, Carrie was able to instantly assimilate the entire curricula by vitae of the criminal she is replacing giving her an edge on seamlessly assuming her identity. Of course things go wrong, Al is frantic, and ultimately carries memory of the small detail that would go unnoticed by anyone else provides the clue that the mastermind, was saves the day. When Carrie’s mentor, Dr. Eugene Lustig (Mark Nelson), is murdered, Carrie has the look at the other subjects of the scientists, research on memory. This provides a set of familiar circumstances typically found in comic books with the superhero must face off against the enemy can match their abilities. One plot device that is commonly used in most dramatic series is the high school reunion. It is a natural situation that many in the audience are familiar with and inexorably intertwined with memory; the high school reunion. Of course, and Carrie’s case, she remembers every detail literally, as if it was this morning. The clue is necessary to find the killer in the present day lies buried in the past. One of the more playful episodes addresses the remnants of romantic chemistry between Al and Carrie will formally together as a couple. During one undercover assignment was as a married couple.

In one episode of the series, there was a touch of stunt casting with actress Marilu Henner, best known as a regular on the 1970s sitcom hit, ‘Taxi’. Ms. Henner has Hyperthymesia in real life and serves as an executive producer for the show. It is always a tricky matter when the producers feel it necessary to make some relatively major changes to the format of the series. Was entirely believable that a detective team the incredible clearance rate of Al and Carrie would be noticed by the upper echelon of the department and that they would be reassigned to a high profile unit. This particular instance, the change in venue vastly broadened the potential storylines with the episodes. I’ve lived in Queens and although it’s a very nice place to live, it does not offer the opportunity for the broad scope of cases that can be realized in Manhattan. One prime example is when Carrie goes after a globally wanted assassin who had eluded her before. In a predictable course of events, this case becomes highly personal were Carrie bordering on a vendetta. Another case that would fall outside irregular precincts authority concerned the murder of a young man delivering an expensive sports car to a diplomat of the cases involved the untimely demise of government witnesses and informants will possible terrorists activity.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the series is not in overcoming what could’ve easily have been a one trick premise is in his ability to survive the vagaries of the network’s programming executives. The series has been canceled midway through the second season after only seven episodes have been broadcast. An exceptionally rare occurrence, the decision was reversed, and the remainder of the episodes for season two was canceled broadcast. Episode seven was aired on 8 September 2013 at episode eight did not appear until April 4 of that year. In a further surprise a 13 episode season three has begun production. The network responsible for this is CBS, like most traditional broadcast networks, they are feeling the escalating pressure resulting from cable networks and streaming video with the immoral liberal standards for acceptable material. The series works as well as it does largely because of Ms. Montgomery and Mr. Walsh. Both of the leads are familiar faces from previous series drama and a well-versed in the abilities necessary to make their characters believable. It will be interesting to see what direction the show runners take for the third season.

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Posted 06/27/2014

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