Wild Things
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Wild Things

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While not in the same class as LA Confidential, Wild Things does hold your attention. The cast is top notch from Matt Dillon as the put upon high school teacher to the pair of diabolical teen age girls played by Neve Cambell and Denise Richards. Kevin Bacon has a dual job as the detective in the movie and the executive producer. The plot twists and turns as the film progresses. Everything you thought you were sure of turns out to be misdirection and part of another plot hidden by the first. The ending is typical film noir style and leaves you still guessing. Don't turn the DVD off when you see 'The End' appear. The director provides scenes the audience was not privy to earlier explaining much of the hidden plot.

The DVD is of great quality. The Dolby 5.1 sound allows you to hear every cricket, each click of a gun and permits you to clearly hear the dialog, vital in a movie like this. The video transfer is also excellent. Many will buy this movie because of the publicity surrounding the steamy scenes but get this one for the example of neo-film noir that it represents

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